LS Teacher and Kids

Friends' Central Lower School

Friends’ Central’s Lower School is a place where joy-filled learning is embedded in play, exploration, and discovery. Whether at a desk, in the garden, art studio, or playground, learning is engaging as “skills and drills” take their place alongside critical questioning - why?, how?, what if?, teamwork, and collaboration. The experience is as academically challenging and exciting as it is supportive and structured.

An emphasis on the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and service underlies every aspect of our Lower School, including academics. These values guide children and adults to treat one another with respect and appreciation, creating a safe and trusting atmosphere that inspires the very best in children. Our broad and varied curriculum offers opportunities for each child to explore, discover new interests, and shine. Classes are small and instruction is individualized, allowing students to progress at their own rates, with many students excelling far beyond their grade levels. Our thematic approach unifies learning across disciplines.

Friends’ Central students develop the confidence to speak up and the skills to articulate their thoughts insightfully and effectively.

Our Lower School teaches decision-making and problem-solving processes that help students throughout their lives. They learn to be good problem solvers – both academically and interpersonally. Through a careful balance of expectations and freedom, students are held accountable for their words and actions and learn to develop internal judgment and control. Individual social development and awareness of others are nurtured in tandem with academic benchmarks.

Enjoy this video of the First Grade Peaceable Kingdom Stop-Motion Project:

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