Coming Soon: Shallcross Reimagined

A dramatic renovation of Shallcross Hall on our City Avenue campus will transform a highly functional building into a student center that both upholds our values and inspires the best in our students.

With the renovation, large, beautiful windows and an outdoor seating area will enhance the exterior of Shallcross Hall, welcoming people on the outside into the myriad activities taking place within. From the outside, visitors will see artists at work in their studios and students gathering in both large and small groups in the dining hall and expanded entry area.

The new Shallcross Hall will serve as a true student center, building community by changing the way we interact with one another and by lifting up the importance of the arts to all of us. Entry in the building will reveal a modern and expanded art gallery with an atrium view up to galleries on the second floor.

The expanded dining area will ease crowding and create new, varied seating arrangements for groups or individuals. Food service is undergoing its own small revolution, with a focus on increasing the fresh and healthy options and serving them in a way that brings students and teachers into more contact with kitchen staff who are preparing and serving the food.

New Art Gallery and Atrium


New Food Servery


New Dining Hall


New Exterior, close-up


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