At Friends’ Central, we believe that realizing a child’s potential is about more than character, talent, or even rigorous academics. It requires a balanced combination of intellectual discipline and spiritual cultivation. Since 1845, we have prepared our students for the most challenging colleges and careers, while also providing them with the moral compass they need to serve as engaged and active citizens, by blending a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum with enduring Quaker principles. Friends' Central students are expected to honor each other's voices and to recognize a plurality of perspectives. They are expected to engage actively in their coursework, to take seriously their stewardship of the local and global communities, to question, probe, listen, and share. Our exceptional faculty inspires our students to respond to what is best in themselves and to recognize and learn from the best in others. As a result, our graduates are intelligent, compassionate problem solvers, they are active, involved citizens, and they are visionary leaders. The graduates of Friends’ Central and their impact on the world are proof positive that Quaker Works at Friends' Central School.

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