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November 1 & December 6
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9 am • Lower School 
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Why We're Here

"The faculty are excellent at listening to every person, which serves as a great role model and means my children's voices are heard."
-8th Grade Parent 

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring what [my son in grade 12] wants in a college and what he wants to do with his life. In these conversations, I’ve come to realize the value of his FCS education. It has not just been learning facts but establishing a value system and world view that is inclusive, curious, and far-reaching. He doesn’t just value diversity – he feels uncomfortable in settings that lack it and he seeks it out. He doesn’t just value community service – he is seeking opportunities in college to integrate service into his education. He doesn’t just want the world to be a more peaceful, fair place – he wants to find a career that can help him make it so. These are intangibles that aren’t reflected in test scores or grades but really demonstrate how successful FCS is in its commitment to shaping the whole person. I am so grateful that my children have had the opportunity to grow up in this environment.
-9th and 12th Grade Parent 

"We are new to FCS and new to the state. The students and teachers have warmly welcomed my child and shown interest and concern not only in her academic adjustment, but in her emotional and spiritual state as well as she makes the transition into the community. I sense that they care about her and want to get to know her beyond her capabilities in the classroom."
-12th Grade Parent

"As a new family to FCS what we love the most is that our children see unlimited possibility."
-5th Grade Parent

"My child is new to FCS. She has been shaped by the Quaker values that have been instilled in her classmates by the school. Second hand shaping you might call it. The warmth and kindness her classmates have shown her and the effort they have made to make her feel welcome, we believe, are a testament to the values taught and fostered by the school."
-12th Grade Parent 

"The Quaker value we have encountered at the school thus far is integrity. It has sparked numerous and engaging conversations and given the children another resource for exploring a life of being honest and fair."
-3rd Grade Parent 

"We were looking for a school for [our son] with a very strong academic program where he would be challenged and also nurtured. We like that FCS has a small class size and that the faculty and staff get to know the student and are able to see how he or she grows. We also love that both sports and extracurricular activities, like the plays and the arts groups, are valued and supported aspects of these students' school experience ... We are really thrilled that Michael is a FCS student and is enjoying the challenges! He has met some great teachers who have inspired him to do his very best, and he has met many peers whose company he enjoys also. Thank you for helping to make the FCS community enjoyable and challenging!"
-10th Grade Parent 

"The Lower School has captured my child’s enthusiasm for learning and channeled it in such exciting ways. Every day, she comes home all lit up about something she’s discovered and, as a parent, I look forward to each day almost as much as she does."
-Pre-Kindergarten Parent

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