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Celebrating Academic Achievements
Posted 05/31/2017 11:28AM

The Cum Laude Society recognizes the distinguished academic record of students during their Friends’ Central career. In his address to this year’s inductees, Head of School Craig Sellers said that, as members of the Friends’ Central Cum Laude Society, part of their responsibilities is “to make some contribution to the ongoing search for greater understanding of the world in which we live.” The 2017 inductees into the Friends’ Central School Cum Laude Society are: Laura Barr, Olivia Bartholomew, Jiwei Cheng, Olivia Comstock, Eve Decamp, Yunling Ding, Aidan Fitzsimons, Junyan Ge, Zoe Ginsberg, Ciara Hervas, Jingyi Hu, Elizabeth Kahn, Noelle Mercer, Talia Rosenberg, Julia Strauss, Claire Szapary, Emma Verges, Zoe Walker, and Samuel Weiss.

The Language Award, given by the Language Department, recognizes juniors and seniors who have exhibited exceptional achievement on an advanced level and enthusiasm in their world language studies, was awarded to Claire Szapary, Eve Decamp, Julianna Schickel, Emma Verges, and Ciara Hervas.

The History Paper Prize, given by the History Department to highlight the best of the junior American History papers, was awarded to Sam Weiss and Alice Hu.

The Mathematical Association of America and Friends’ Central School presented the Mathematics Award to Jiwei Cheng and Sam Weiss, who scored the highest on the Annual American high School Mathematics Examination.

The Science Award, presented by the faculty of the Science Department to those seniors who have demonstrated excellence in scientific scholarship and achievement and have shown breadth of study across the science disciplines, was presented to Sam Weiss, Lizzie Kahn, and Mike Wang.

Sponsored by the English Department, The Poets and Playwrights Prize, which recognizes the work of poets and dramatists in our student community, was presented to Angela Zhang.

The Ramsey Award for Prose, founded by writer, editor, and public relations director Mary Ann Ramsey ’41, which recognizes a writer for a piece of fiction or non-fiction prose, was presented to Karishma Singh.

The Benjamin V. Ogden Memorial Award, created by the children of Benjamin Ogden, the first director of Friends’ Central’s summer day camp and P.E. teacher at Overbrook High School and Temple University, to recognize students who embody the spirit of Benjamin Ogden, whose well-roundedness has been an example to our community, was presented to Lorna MacFarlane, Claire Szapary, Emily Burd, Matt Nguyen, Nolan McGrann, and Olivia Comstock.

The John H. McCollum Memorial Award, in honor of John H. McCollum, former English teacher and the first dean of the senior class, beloved by students who appreciated his honesty, his high expectations, and his willingness to listen, was established by the Home and School Association to honor students whose generosity of spirit, like McCollum’s, has touched the Friends’ Central community, whose warmth, wit, and openness to all has fostered collaboration instead of competition, and who have acted often behind-the-scenes, without drawing much attention to themselves, was presented to: Matt Blackman, Aidan Fitzsimons, Sarah Estey, Talia Rosenberg, Neil Goldader, and Jiwei Cheng. 

The Susan Durnford Snipes Memorial Award, in honor of Susan Durnford, a former biology teacher at FCS whose life resonated with joy: joy found in living, joy found in serving, joy found in teaching, joy found in people, is given to those students who have joyfully and with integrity served the community of Friends’ Central while students here, was presented to: Sam Levitties, Rebecca Miller, Cole Snyder, Hannah Posencheg, Sophie Berger, Zoe Ginsberg, David Arnold, and Simone Gibson.

The Calvin H. Rankin, Jr. Memorial Award, given to those students who embody the spirit of Calvin Rankin, a 1943 graduate of Friends’ Central who is remembered for his sensitive spirit, his love of writing and music, and especially for his character, which combined gentleness with integrity, was presented to Noelle Mercer, Julianna Schickel, Luke Volkert, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, and Ciara Hervas.

The Leola Adelaide Smith Memorial Award, given to those students who embody the spirit of Leola Adelaide Smith, a 1974 graduate of Friends’ Central remembered for her dignity, integrity, her love of people, her talent in music and art, and for imbuing all of her activities with a sense of her presence as a member of the group, with an eye toward the whole group’s function, not only her own individual contribution, was presented to Olivia Bartholomew, Jack Correll, Emma Verges, and Zoe Walker.

In recognition of their exemplary commitment to attending school every day for all four years in Upper School, the Special Award Presentation was given to Cullan Gilroy and Jacob Zaoutis.

The 1845 Award is an honor conferred by the graduating Class and the Upper School faculty on two members of the Class of 2017 who embody the characteristics displayed in Friends' Central's school seal. These characteristics are: as reflected in the image of a balance scale, a classmate with a commitment to fairness and justice; as reflected in the image of a bird in flight with an olive branch, a peer who has taken thoughtful risks, and broadened our understanding of peace; as reflected in the clasping hands, a friend who “lets their life speak,” providing a pattern for the lifelong relationships. The 1845 Award was presented by Head of School Craig Sellers to Talia Rosenberg and Emma Verges.

Congratulations to our outstanding students! 

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