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Get Ready for Middle School Mini-Courses!

As a lead up to Spring Break, from March 19-21, our Middle School students will be engaged in the always exciting Mini-Courses. Proposed by current Middle School teacher and Administrative Advisor Alex McDonnell 12 years ago, this time period gives our teachers and students the opportunity to explore exciting subjects and activities that the standard school schedule may not include because of time constraints.

This week, classes are no longer separated by grades, as students take part in a variety of courses with the hope that students will recognize all knowledge is interconnected. Faculty of various disciplines teach courses that may or may not be related to what they teach during the regular day, and students explore fun topics and ideas.
This year there will be the following courses:
Text Messaging - A course dedicated to short works of literary creation.
Rocking All Over the World - An exploration of traditional music from different countries.
Going terminal…to terminal - A history of various railways around the city and a chance to build a model railroad.
Go For The Gold - A chance to learn about the different countries competing in this year’s Olympics.
Louder Than a Bomb: Slam Poetry - Students will learn the history, development, and art of slam poetry and then compete in their very own competition.
College Sports and Society - An historical look at college sports and real life discussions with current and future college athletes.
Bump, Set, Spike! - An opportunity to learn the basics of the sport of volleyball and the importance of working together with others.
You Are What You Eat - Ever wonder where your food comes from? This course will look to answer questions about the food the we eat and will give students the opportunity to build a hydroponic system for growing plants.
Survivor Wynnewood - Three days, one survivor. Do you have what it takes to OUTWIT, OUTPLAY, and OUTLAST?
It’s All in the Timing - A course looking at the art and science of crafting a joke through investigating various types of comedy, including stand-up and improvisational acting.
It’s All Greek to Me: The Art of Story-Telling - A chance to delve deeply into Greek Mythology and culture using a variety of story-telling methods including words, paint, clay, and song.
Everyone is excited to take part. Click here to watch the video and see the excitement of this year's mini-courses!