Diversity and Inclusivity

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From the founding of the Society of Friends in the mid-17th Century, Quakers have recognized the spiritual equality of all persons. This basic tenet of Quakerism stems from the belief that there is “that divine spark” in everyone. This philosophy has guided Friends' Central School’s commitment to the ideal of respecting all persons.

Friends’ Central School is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive and diverse community. All constituencies - faculty, staff, students, administrators, parents, trustees, and alumni/ae - are responsible for an awareness of and ongoing dialogue around equity issues of race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, privilege, religion, physical ability, and family structure.

Our commitment is based on Quaker testimony and practice in which we honor each perspective and life experience. Our community as a whole benefits when we listen and involve a broader range of voices.

Dwight Dunston

Dwight Dunston '06


Coordinator of Equity and Justice Education


Since fall 2017, Dwight Dunston ’06 has served as our Coordinator of Equity and Justice Education.


In this role, Dwight spends time on both campuses coordinating, collaborating, and supporting faculty with respect to programming throughout the School. He also serves on the diversity committees of each division and supports student clubs centered on equity work. Among many other aspects of his job, Dwight also serves on the Parents of Students of Color group, as well as related affinity groups.