Our New Strategic Plan

We are pleased to introduce you to Plan 175, Friends’ Central’s new strategic plan, named to honor our approaching anniversary and our tradition of providing an extraordinary education since 1845.

Plan 175 describes an aspirational path forward for us that is true to our mission and vision and makes way for Friends’ Central to thrive into our next 175 years. It is the product of wide community involvement, including surveys and focus groups of students, parents, and alumni/ae, and a committee of faculty, administrators, and board members who interpreted the data and shaped the Plan’s recommendations. We are grateful to community members for their participation—it was invaluable.

Plan 175 fortifies Friends’ Central’s ability to provide our students with an outstanding education. It invests in our talented faculty, with specific focus on supporting cutting-edge curriculum development and nurturing opportunities for deepened collaboration with students—both of which are at the heart of our School’s strength. Our Board of Trustees approved Plan 175 in the spring. Since that time, administrators and faculty have developed action plans and begun phased implementation. Plan 175 is intended to be a flexible, living document. Consistent with the Friends’ concept of continuing revelation, we expect that new ideas and initiatives will emerge that will further the goals of the Plan.

Plan Pillars

Quaker Values

Strategic Directions

  1. Nurture the spiritual life of the School
  2. Deepen community understanding of the School’s values 
  3. Demonstrate our Quaker values to our full school community and beyond

Program + Curriculum

Strategic Directions

  1. Expand exceptional academic content that challenges and sparks curiosity
  2. Optimize opportunities to learn: time, structures, and relationships
  3. Expand the way FCS serves students from around the world 
  4. Strengthen our focus on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellness

Faculty + Staff

Strategic Directions

  1. Nurture relationships between faculty and students inside and outside of the classroom
  2. Provide competitive compensation that attracts and retains faculty who will embrace FCS’s mission and culture
  3. Invest in professional development for new and established faculty

Diversity + Inclusion

Strategic Directions

  1. Build upon an understanding that intellectual development requires a broadly diverse community and diverse programming and educational content
  2. Increase capacity and structures to support equity
  3. Use longitudinal research to develop and set priorities for professional development and student programming

Stewardship + Financial Sustainability

Strategic Directions

  1. Support growth and excellence through mission-driven fundraising 
  2. Maintain financial aid at a highly competitive level
  3. Promote healthy enrollment by investing in strategic marketing and geographic regions of interest

Plan 175 Actions Already Underway