From the Head of School

Craig N. Sellers

Dear Friends,

Welcome! We are so pleased you are exploring our remarkable school.

During my four years as Head of Friends’ Central School, I have met with graduates from the 1930s to the Class of 2015, in fields varying from public health to venture capital, and I am awestruck by their shared experience across the decades. Together, as a body of thousands, our alumni/ae tell the same story - that Friends’ Central is a school that ignites and nurtures intellectual passion, that teaches the importance of collaboration and community, and most importantly, that draws on our Quaker foundation to create a culture of respect and compassion.

Friends’ Central students spend their days learning from exciting, challenging, and supportive teachers and from each other. At the very core of their learning is respect for one another and for themselves. They learn the value of hard work and resilience, critical thinking and empathy, creativity and courage as they grow as scholars, artists, athletes, and people. All of this happens amidst the breathtaking beauty of our two campuses, and throughout the grades from Nursery to Grade 12.

Visiting our school is the best way to get to know us, but in the mean time, I offer you a wonderful example of our community in action. The following Mission and Vision Statements embody both Quaker process and our passionate community. they were crafted by a committee of faculty, administrators, and Board members.

Our Mission:
We cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical promise of our students

Our Vision:
To awaken courage and intellect -- and peacefully transform the world

We also decided to create a video to help share the excitement and to convey the inspiration at the heart of our core beliefs.

I look forward to seeing you on campus!

Craig N. Sellers

Head of School