Cultivating the Intellectual, Spiritual, and Ethical Promise of Our Students

Challenging, intellectual, and engaging, Friends' Central builds foundational skills within a curriculum that is innovative, thoughtful, and dynamic. At every level, our students are encouraged to ask questions and to seek answers that push beyond their impressive accumulation of facts. Never satisfied by “what,” our students are always asking “why,” “how,” and, perhaps most importantly, “why not.”

Friends’ Central students distinguish themselves while at FCS, in college where they are known for their exceptional preparation, and in the world where their contributions are extraordinary.

Why FCS?

Joining the Friends' Central community is more than simply enrolling in a school. When families choose Friends’ Central, they are joining a community committed to the School’s Mission, to cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical promise of our students.

Quaker Philosophy in the Curriculum

At Friends’ Central, School life and curriculum are steeped in Quaker values. At every level, we promote a commitment to learning through inquiry, reflection, action, and discovery - an approach that stems from the Quaker belief in Continuing Revelation.

Program Highlights


Our program highlights – unique and carefully-crafted experiences that take students beyond traditional classroom learning – are integral to the Friends' Central approach to education throughout the grades.


Lower School

Friends’ Central’s Lower School is a place where joy-filled learning is embedded in play, exploration, and discovery.

The experience is as academically challenging and exciting as it is supportive and structured.

Middle School

Friends’ Central Middle School inspires and develops courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, and learn joyfully. We transform eager, enthusiastic, and motivated elementary school students into self-aware, analytical, and empathetic eighth graders.

Upper School

Friends' Central Upper School's challenging and innovative program includes lively and rigorous classes, athletic, artistic, and performance opportunities. The Friends’ Central classroom emphasizes advanced levels of critical and conceptual thinking, and independent projects that require significant student research.