Friends' Central School provides highly personalized, expert college admission counseling to students and their families. Our three full-time counselors have extensive experience working in independent school college counseling and selective college admissions.

Our emphasis is on counseling rather than placement–educating and advocating throughout the process, with a focus on each student and his or her talents, interests, and needs. The goal of this student-centered approach is for each member of the class to have the best possible college search experience and for students to find schools where they will continue to flourish beyond their years at Friends' Central.

Members of the Class of 2024 were admitted to an incredible range of schools across the country. Click below to see the list. 

Class of 2024 Stats

35% of the Class of 2024 attending a college or university with an acceptance below 30 percent

18% of the Class of 2024 attending US News & World Report Top 25 colleges & universities

87% of the Class of 2024 attending one of their top 3 choice universities
Gabe Riccardi '23

Boston Conservatory at Berklee

"Every teacher, without fail, approached me after my first class, offering their availability to meet, should I need any help catching up or understanding the material. Reflecting on this experience, I now realize that the warmth and inclusivity I encountered during my transition to FCS was not an isolated incident. Rather, it was a reflection of the character and values that define our graduating class and this school."

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Dev Gupta '23

Case Western Reserve University

"Together we have made some of the most incredible memories. Our grade from the start has shown itself to be one that believes in a sense of unity... As we all begin to go our separate ways, as we begin to take these memories and disperse them throughout the world, and share them beyond the confines of our Friends' Central community, I hope that these core values that you have given me will be shared with your future communities."

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