Meet the Office

Friends' Central juniors and seniors are alphabetically assigned to one of the college counselors. The counselors and the College Counseling Office (CCO) administrator meet regularly as a group to discuss all members of the junior and senior classes. Students are welcome to seek out any member of the College Counseling team anytime with questions or concerns.Grant Calder office phone number: 610-645-5100
Andrea Pien office phone number: 610-645-4483

Grant Calder

Grant CalderDirector of College Counseling & Upper School History Teacher

University of Pennsylvania - BA
University of Pennsylvania - MA
American Institute of Certified Educational Planners - Certified Educational Planner

Andrea Pien

Ryan Coffey Keaton

Associate Director of College Counseling

  • Swarthmore College - BA
    Stanford University - MA

Calder's Corner

The following articles by FCS College Counselor Grant Calder been published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Independent School Magazine, The Huffington Post, on Grant's blog, and on FCS Features.