Students and families come to Friends' Central seeking a challenging academic and extracurricular environment in a supportive school community. We encourage our students to identify similarly intellectually demanding and socially stimulating environments as they explore the world of higher education. Our belief is that the primary responsibility for the process lies with the student and that the function of the College Counseling Office is to act as a resource. We define that role as having four central aspects:

  • Working with students to create a profile of the types of colleges or universities which will best serve their individual academic and extracurricular needs and interests
  • Helping students develop a list of schools which fit their individual criteria
  • Evaluating students' academic and extracurricular record within the context of each of the applicant pools of the schools they are considering
  • Acting as a supportive and thoughtful advocate for each student throughout the college admissions process

College Counseling

Grant Calder
Co-Director of College Counseling

Kimberley Lewis
Co-Director of College Counseling

Tyler Clauson-Wolf
Associate Director of College Counseling