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With almost 4,000 Colleges and Universities to choose from, The College Board College Search helps you search for the right fit for you. The website allows you to search by school name, school location, majors, and financial aid strategy.


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This site provides an application that is accepted at over 500 different undergraduate programs.

Click here for the 2017-2018 Common Application Essay Prompts.

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College Counseling

Grant Calder
Co-Director of College Counseling & Upper School History Teacher

Ryan Coffey Keaton
Co-Director of College Counseling

Mary Lynne Jeschke
Upper School College Counseling Administrative Assistant

2017-2018 College Counseling Dates

Oct. 14 - PSAT: 8 am, FCS

Oct. 19 & 20 - Senior College Process Work Days

Oct. 21 - Multicultural Conf. & College Fair, Westtown School

Nov. 8 - College Nuts & Bolts for Gr. 11 Parents: 7 pm, FCS

Feb. 13 - Looking Ahead to College for Gr. 10 Parents: 7 pm, FCS

Apr. 7 - ACT/SAT Combo Test for Gr. 10 Students, 8 am, FCS

May 8 - Coffee & Conversation for Gr. 9 Parents: 8 am, FCS