Friends' Central Middle School

Friends’ Central Middle School transforms eager, enthusiastic, and motivated elementary school students into self-aware, analytical, and empathetic eighth graders. Our Middle School program produces courageous leaders and independent thinkers who are ready for the challenges of Upper School and beyond.

The time and attention Friends’ Central Middle School teachers devote to encouraging, challenging, and supporting our students as individuals and members of the community sets us apart. Our teachers understand and delight in the opportunities and challenges that come with shepherding children into adolescence. The individual attention our teachers pay to their students’ intellectual, spiritual, and ethical selves enables them to thrive.

Middle School children become bold thinkers because they are encouraged to try new ideas and take intellectual risks. We champion trial and error, discovery, and intellectual courage in all areas of our Middle School curriculum. By doing so, we give students the self-confidence and academic skills that ensure success.

Our Middle School program is rich with academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities, as well as weekly clubs, community service, Meeting for Worship, mini-courses, instrumental and vocal groups, a fantastic drama program, a student-run newspaper, and more. Students are encouraged to both discover new interests and pursue their personal passions.


“Our focus on relationships builds an incredible safety net for children at a particularly vulnerable time of their lives. The trust and assurance of relationships allows children to take risks and challenge themselves to higher levels of social and academic excellence. I don’t know what greater gift we can give kids.”

- Alexa Dunnington Quinn '98, Middle School Principal

Meet Our Middle School Principals

Alexa Dunnington Quinn '98


Alexa Dunnington Quinn


Alexa has been the principal of Friends’ Central’s Middle School since 2012 and a member of the Middle School administrative team since 2008. Before becoming principal, Alexa spent ten years as a teacher of Language Arts and Writers’ Workshop, an advisor, and coach at FCS. Alexa holds a Master’s degree in English from Middlebury College and a Master’s in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a graduate of Friends’ Central, Class of 1998, and the parent of a Lower School student.

Keino Terrell


Keino Terrell

Assistant Principal
Language Arts Teacher

Prior to his role as Middle School Assistant Principal, Keino held administrative positions as Middle School Dean of Students for three years and as Director of Diversity for five years. Keino has spent 20 years in the classroom teaching Language Arts and in developing a service group model for student leaders. Holding Bachelor’s degrees in both Speech Communications and English, Keino went on to gain a Masters of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently a Doctoral candidate at Temple University, Keino’s research focuses on how students attending independent schools develop social capital. A collegiate athlete in basketball, Keino has also spent time as Head Basketball Coach for the Varsity boys' program.