Service Projects

Learning through service and instilling a commitment to community service is an essential part of life at Friends’ Central School. All Middle School students participate in service projects every Wednesday for about an hour and a half. As we expose our students to a broad range of projects on and off campus, the notion of a world bigger than their own becomes a reality. Our students learn to be comfortable in new and different situations, to find commonalities with people different than themselves and, most importantly, they learn that they can make a difference in the School community and beyond. Below are examples of past and current Service Projects.




Middle School clubs are designed to give students the opportunity to explore their interests, to discover new passions, to connect with students in various grades and to pursue topics that may fall outside of traditional disciplines. Clubs meet on Fridays during the school day and last for half the year, at which point students either switch or remain with the same group. Below are  examples of past and current Clubs.