Service Projects

Learning through service and instilling a commitment to community service is an essential part of life at Friends’ Central School. All Middle School students participate in service projects every Wednesday for about an hour and a half. As we expose our students to a broad range of projects on and off campus, the notion of a world bigger than their own becomes a reality. Our students learn to be comfortable in new and different situations, to find commonalities with people different than themselves and, most importantly, they learn that they can make a difference in the School community and beyond.

Athletic Service

Students assist the athletic department by maintaining equipment and planning special MS athletic activities, including Phoenix Game Day.

Carousel House

Students walk with visually impaired adults and learn about each other through activities and conversations.

Coordinator of Equity and Justice Education

Work with Dwight Dunston '06 in this new role to generate ideas for programs and organize information for diversity work for FCS.

Easter Seals

Students work with young people who have significant mental and physical handicaps.

FCS Pre-K Buddies

Students read and play with pre-Kindergarten buddies at our Lower School campus.

MS Recycling

Students collect all of the recycling for the City Avenue Campus and take it to our recycling dumpsters.


Students write, edit and draw for The Phoenix Inquirer, our Middle School newspaper.

Overbrook Preschool

Students read and play with preschool students, in addition to assisting teachers.

Rosemont Presbyterian Village

Students get to know their “grandfriends” at this local retirement community.

Saunders House

Students play cards and talk with their “grandfriends.”


Students do various art projects around campus and for members of the FCS community.


Students monitor the water quality and maintain the stream in nearby Morris Park.

Students of Culture

Students explore topics related to diversity and culture. This group of students lead Middle School affinity groups and also organize our special Diversity Days.



Middle School clubs are designed to give students the opportunity to explore their interests, to discover new passions, to connect with students in various grades and to pursue topics that may fall outside of traditional disciplines. Clubs meet on Fridays during the school day and last for half the year, at which point students either switch or remain with the same group.

Anime & Manga

Students explore these popular Japanese animation styles through reading and discussion.

Board Games

Students learn to play a variety of old-fashioned and new board games in small groups.

Food & Culture Club

Each week, this group tastes and talks about food from a different culture. Students do the cooking!

History/Current Events Club

Students study current events and significant events in history. This group also participates in the National History Bee.

Improv Club

Students learn to think on their feet and play off of one another as they engage in a variety of improvisational acting games.

Literary Magazine

Students write, compile and edit pieces for the Middle School literary magazine.

Music Appreciation

By studying, listening to and playing together, this group comes to appreciate a variety of genres and types of music.

Mythology in the Movies

Students learn about mythology and watch movies - or clips - that reference or include mythological characters and situations.

Open Art Studio

Students have full access to everything the art room has to offer and can work in any media or on any type of project they choose.


This is a club in which students learn about baseball & softball, but they also have an opportunity to get out and play casual games. They also invent games that are influenced by baseball/softball.

Spanish Club

Students have an opportunity to practice their conversational Spanish through activities and games.

Student Council

Students learn about leadership skills and lead initiatives, all the while using the Quaker decision-making process of coming to consensus.


Students learn poses and breath techniques, coming to see how they can use yoga for exercise and stress relief.