Upper School Clubs

Student Council

Description: Council meetings are open to all Upper School students. We discuss student issues, support clubs, and plan events & assemblies. Student Council plans most Friday assemblies, as well as dances, parties, coffee houses, music festivals, the Club Fair, movie nights, comedy nights, the year-end picnic, and much more.

African-American Film Club

Description: This club hosts discussions about why African-Americans are not in most major movies, and we will focus on major African-American films.

Amnesty International

Description: Amnesty addresses human rights topics such as capital punishment, prisoners of war, violence against women, international justice, and individuals at risk.

Animal Awareness Club

Description: The goal of the Animal Awareness Club is to raise people’s awareness of the world of animals.

Art Club

Description: Art Club creates collaborative and individual works using guidelines and through investigation of new artistic elements and ideas.

Asian Students' Association

Description: ASA is about bringing together students who are interested in promoting understanding of Asian and Asian-American culture.

Black Student Forum (BSF)

Description: BSF meets to broaden the conversation about the state and condition of Black people at FCS, in the United States, and worldwide.

Blood Drive Committee

Description: We work with the American Red Cross to facilitate two blood drives on campus each year.

Book Discussion Club

Description: We read widely and discuss all genres of fiction and non-fiction.

Business Club

Description: We discuss current business, host speakers from different business practices, and participate in DECA, a national mock business competition.

Classic Rock Appreciation Club

Description: Classic Rock is nostalgia and authentic: the voices are pure, the musicians must have talent to become famous, songs are less raunchy than today’s music, and women tended to be respected more.

C.H.A.T. for Change- Communicate, Help, and Act Together

Description: A forum where students and faculty can communicate at an equal level to discuss and act on student issues.

Chess Club

Description: Chess Club is for students of any chess ability. We will cover the basics of chess, practice our skills, and compete.

Chinese Culture Club (CCC)

Description: The CCC was established by students from China, and is dedicated to teaching the Chinese Language and introducing Chinese culture to our American classmates.


Description: A cancer awareness club with a twofold mission: to introduce educational presentations in order to learn about the latest in cancer news and treatments, and to identify volunteer and fundraising opportunities in order to raise money for cancer research.

Daroff Tutoring

Description: Friends’ Central students tutor 4th and 5th graders from the universal Daroff School.

Debate Team

Description: We compete monthly in the PA High School Speech League. Our primary focus is Parliamentary-style debate culminating in February with District Championships.

Design Club

Description: We focus on creativity and process, in a two-month project where everyone creates their own product.

Digital Editing Club

Description: This club is to help people who are interested in editing different types of media digitally, meaning photos, videos, music, and even some digital art.

Fashion Club

Description: This is the kind of fashion we pursue: an expression of one’s lifestyle, the confidence of not fearing judgement.

FCS World Press

Description: We write objective articles on contemporary global issues so that readers more deeply understand the complex issues in the news.


Description: Focus, the Upper School student-run magazine covers school-related and world news topics. Regularly published at: fcsquakefeed.com.

Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance (GSA)

Description: GSoA (the o is silent) fosters awareness of, promote education about, and provide a forum for discussion of gender and sexual orientation.

Girl's Math Modeling Team

Description: Our work includes cool topics in math, the work of career mathematicians, and participation in the PAML (Pennsylvania Math League) monthly contests.

Harry Potter Club

Description: Club events include watching HP and HP inspired films and setting up sorting ceremonies around campus.

Honor Council

Description: The Honor Council continues to work on articulating a shared sense of the expectations we have of ourselves as members of our community.

Humanities Core Team

Description: The program seeks to inspire by bringing renowned Scholars to campus. This year’s Distinguished Visiting Humanities scholar is Professor James Peterson, founder of Hip Hop Scholars, Inc.

In Stitches

Description: Whether you knit, crochet or want to learn, we meet in the makerspace, pick a project of the month, learn, and share personal projects we may be working on.

Ink: Literature & Arts Magazine

Description: Through fall and winter we accept submissions of short stories, poetry, and visual art for the magazine released in spring.

Investment Club

Description: The Investment club is an open forum to discuss and learn about the stock market and the world of finance through mock stock competition and guest speakers.

The Knot Reel Club

Description: A Club for all things fishing, the Knot Reel Club plans fishing trips to nearby ponds and streams.

Le Cercle Français

Description: The French club watches films, listens to music, enjoys great foods from France and the French speaking world.

Mathematical Modeling Club

Description: Members prepare for two research based modeling challenges in computational analysis and operations research each year. Meetings include renowned guest speakers.

Mental Health Club

Description: Student leaders create initiatives to conduct activities in the school community that follow the Minding Your Mind mission of ending stigma and destructive behaviors associated with mental health issues.

Mock Trial

Description: How would you like to argue a really cool civil or criminal case in front of a real judge and a real jury in a real courtroom? Or, if you are more theatrically inclined, you could play the role of the star witness.

Model Congress

Description: Ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of Congress? The Model Congress competition is in Washington DC.

Model United Nations

Description: Model UN is a program where high school students participate in simulated United Nations scenarios. The time commitment and the workload will be large, so be prepared.

Moot Court

Description: Learn about and argue cases involving things like the NSA, Miranda rights, and gun laws… in front of the Supreme Court! If you’re interested in law or debate, this is the club for you.

National History Bee

Description: Participants compete head-to-head to be the first to “buzz-in” with the correct answer. What results is a competition that tests a student’s knowledge in a fun, exciting way.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Description: Outdoor Adventure Club is a group of people joining together with the same purpose: to explore the great outdoors.

Phoenix Update

Description: Phoenix Update provides timely video updates on the weather, lunch menus, and our athletic schedules.

Poetry Club

Description: Poetry club meets once a week and offers a space for creative writing. We will work on all forms of poetry (haikus, spoken word, slam) but also analyzing rap music and whatever else the club members what to do. We encourage everyone to try it out, all levels welcome.

Political Conversation Club

Description: We reach all ends of the political spectrum by providing space for rich and informative conversation. All opinions are welcome in a safe environment for learning and dialogue.

Progressive Student Action

Description: Join the League of Student Democrats, a place for all your liberal thoughts to be spoken.

Prom Committee

Description: We plan the Prom and all that goes with it.

The Quake

Description: A club for the avid to average Phoenix Phan! Our goal is to increase school spirit by designing signs, creating cheers, and attending games.

Quaker Bakers

Description: We help other clubs raise money by doing bake sales, we bake for school events, and we raise money to donate towards reducing childhood hunger.

Ramen Appreciation Club

Description: Embark on a culinary experience like none other! Each week we host a different ramen and to determine the Ramen of the Year.

Relaxation Through Music

Description: Mid week students may be stressed with whatever they have going on, and it seems that music helps people relax.

Robotics Club

Description: We will introduce students to Arduino, an open source electronics platform, which will provide a foundation to begin to understand robotics.

Sister Circle

Description: An intersectional feminist club that centers work and activism around intersectional feminist principles, which are those that understand gender, sexuality, racial, disability, body, reproductive, and class justice as feminist issues that should be addressed.

Science Core Team

Description: A group that meets weekly for a seminar presentation to discuss the research and science in the field of study represented by the year’s Visiting Scientist.

SciFi/Doctor Who Club

Description: We will watch and discuss everything, even things from galaxies far far away.

Service Committee

Description: We do fundraisers and service to benefit our local and global community. We work to alleviate hunger and homelessness in Philadelphia, a Halloween candy sale for UNICEF, Angel Tree, MANNA pie & soup sales, a dodgeball tournament, and a S’mores Sale.

Spanish Language & Culture Club

Description: Experience hispanic culture, improve your spanish, cook hispanic foods, watch hispanic TV and movies, listen to hispanic music, celebrate hispanic holidays, and play games in spanish.

Speech Team

Description: We compete monthly in the PA High School Speech League; competition events include Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Poetry, and Persuasive Speaking among many others.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S-AAC)

Description: A group of student-athletes who work to shape the experiences of student-athletes.

Student Admission Committee (SAC)

Description: The students who act as tour guides, hosts, greeters, and much more through a variety of Admission Office-sponsored events, including Open Houses.

Students for Islamic Awareness

Description: Students for Islamic Awareness discusses aspects of Muslim culture and traditions, as well as Islamophobia and prejudice. We also provide a supportive space for people to explore their own cultural identities.

Student Support Services - Student Division

Description: A mentorship program for students with learning differences and social anxieties. We are looking for both mentors and people who are seeking guidance under this program.

Students Talking About Racism (STAR)

Description: S.T.A.R. hosts conversations that mainly talk about racism in the world, focusing on current events and the history of racism.

Sustainability Club

Description: We focus on the School’s sustainability efforts, working to implement changes in both behavior and policies. We worked with the Administration to improve the recycling program and got refillable whiteboard markers in classrooms. Friends Central is installing all LED light bulbs and solar panels!


Description: We create the annual yearbook, formatting all the pages and getting pictures. So if you like design, photography, or baking (lots of bake sales), we’d love to have you!