Anthony Bowers, Department Chair

Art is a universal language of expression offering unique views into society, history, and the human condition. At Friends’ Central, we believe the arts have the power to inspire change both internally and externally. The diverse visual and performing arts courses and co-curricular activities that we offer provide students with the tools necessary to understand what they experience, express themselves, and make informed decisions. Through an exploration of traditional and new media, including digital technologies and the Makerspace, students explore design thinking in personal and collaborative projects. Visual arts offerings in an assortment of mediums and styles range from applied arts to fine arts. Music offerings provide opportunities for students to listen to, create, and/or perform. The drama program includes both modern and classical instruction, and all students are invited to participate either onstage or behind the scenes in any of the three plays produced each year. 

We teach students to respond to and appreciate the arts from a range of cultures while providing opportunities to exercise their own creativity. We encourage every student to discover their individual artistic voice and to collaborate within performing ensembles to further the acquisition of skills while honing critical thinking. From their interactive arts experiences both in and out of the classroom, students emerge confident, capable, curious, well-rounded, and expressive. 

FCS graduation requirements include two years of art courses. Course offerings provide a high degree of flexibility in both selection and sequence. Students often begin to fulfill these requirements in ninth grade, and many elect to surpass the requirement. 

In addition to the offerings listed, students are exposed to additional art-related experiences including visiting performance art centers and collaborating with the vibrant array of arts in Philadelphia. Students can also showcase their talents throughout the year both on and off campus. 

For information on clubs, plays, and other non-curricular Arts opportunities at FCS, visit the Arts at FCS page.


Art Electives: Music

Art Electives: Visual Arts

Art Electives: Theatre Arts