Athletics & Wellness

Wellness Courses & Additional Required Courses

Friends’ Central School student athletes are guided by the mission of the School and its Quaker values. Athletics at every level promotes community and a shared responsibility for both the growth of the individual and the development of the team. Each student athlete understands in practice and in game that how you lead matters and sportsmanship is held in high regard. To learn more about all of our Athletic Programming, please visit our Athletics page

All students in grades 9 and 10 will be assigned to the following semester-long courses.

Athletics, Wellness, and Co-Curriculars

All students are required to participate on an athletic team or in a co-curricular activity such as the performing arts or robotics during six (out of a total of 12 possible) seasons while in the Upper School. During seasons when students are not participating in athletics, the performing arts, or robotics, they will be enrolled in a wellness program, which will require a student to attend Monday through Friday at set times, either during the school day or after school for a minimum of two hours per week. Students, who opt for an off-campus and/or weekend wellness activity, will need to check in with the athletic department. All students will sign up every season for athletics, the performing arts, or robotics and, if not on a team, then students will sign up for either an Independent Athletic Credit or Wellness Education Credit.