Natural Lands Biodiversity


In each semester, the Science Department offers a certificate program in ecological monitoring called "Natural Lands."  Those enrolled will attend three meetings and four weekend outings during the semester.  This program is different from traditional departmental course offerings and may be taken in addition to a six-class course load.  It will not carry departmental course credit, but students who complete the semester will receive a Certificate in Natural History and Ecology. 

Core studies will focus on ecological field work and data analysis, coupled with exploration of the regional policy issues of greatest importance to conservation.  There will be extensive field work during the warmer months (September to mid-November in semester one, mid-March to early June in semester two), studying pollinating insects (especially flower flies and native solitary bees), fungus and lichens, native wildflowers, and migratory birds.  Site visits will include trips to Natural Lands preserves and other nearby natural areas. Students will generate focus study topics in connection with specific organisms and may develop web-based publications or seminar presentations outlining individual findings.  (Open to students in  grades 10 - 12)