Chris Guides, Department Chair

The Friends’ Central science curriculum strives to foster a deep appreciation for the meaning and relevance of science, while cultivating the development of independent learners skilled in critical thinking and original analysis. 

The sequence begins with Physics I, taken by all students in grade 9. Developed by Friends’ Central teachers, this distinctive course explores central concepts in physics as a foundation of the course. It then integrates basic theories of chemistry and biology into the curriculum and finishes with a final culminating project that asks students to reflect and connect many of the concepts. Students learn the process of gathering, organizing, and interpreting scientific data in regular laboratory investigations. 

Following Physics I, students enroll in regular and advanced chemistry, biology, and physics classes which are available to students in grades 10, 11, and 12. Students passionate about science may choose to take more than one science course and can pursue a second level of advanced chemistry, biology, and physics. 

Each class has an active and integrated lab program. Interested students in all grades may participate in the Distinguished Visiting Scientist Program over the course of the year. This program offers a regular seminar meeting for instruction and dialogue, visits and conversation with the visiting scientist, and summer travel to see scientists at work in the laboratory or the field. New this year, the Science Department is offering a certificate program in ecological monitoring called “Natural Lands” each semester.

Guide to Course Offerings in Science