World Languages

Cristina Perez, Department Chair

Friends’ Central World Languages Department provides a range of classes designed to help our students grow into globally-minded, culturally-aware citizens. We encourage each student to speak and write in their target language as they gain confidence in their ability through practice. Their improvements, we emphasize, do not just translate into better grades. They yield a fuller understanding of the world around them. With the aid of new media, we reinforce this message by introducing students to a variety of native speakers and cultures, so they can see how the powerful communication tool that is language springs its contexts.

At FCS, students must take two consecutive years of a language. Most take a language for four years. The majority of students enter the Upper School having already completed the first level of French, Spanish, or Latin and further their studies for two more years and beyond to the advanced level. Other students start their language studies or begin a new language in grade 9. In French and Spanish, the curriculum is rich with opportunities for speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In Latin, the focus is on developing translation skills through the mastery of grammatical concepts and the acquisition of vocabulary. Courses in each language range from introductory to advanced literature and analysis.

Each language class’s experience is supplemented by opportunities for travel abroad. Latin students may travel to Italy to see the monuments of the Romans – ancient and modern – and read their Latin inscriptions. French and Spanish students may take part in exchange opportunities with schools in Lyon, France and Seville, Spain. Summer service programs in Costa Rica and Peru may also be available to students to further their study of the Spanish language, and a summer trip to Québec City, Canada may be planned for French students.

Finally, interested students may take part in national language competitions and join clubs, such as Le Club Francophone, Latin Club, Spanish Club, or the Latino Culture Club. 

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Latin and Greek