Affording FCS

Deciding on an Independent School education for your child(ren) is an important choice for every family to make. But considering how to afford it can be overwhelming.

At Friends’ Central, we offer a number of different payment options to best suit our families’ needs.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance plays an important role at Friends’ Central School. Our commitment to economic diversity allows us to strengthen our student body by funding talented students with limited financial means. The request for tuition assistance does not affect one’s application for admission to the School. However, each year the demand for tuition assistance far exceeds the allocated budget. Therefore, not all students in need of financial assistance who are offered admission will be awarded a grant.

Friends’ Central uses School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS to process our Tuition Assistance applications. Parents/Guardians are required to fill out the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) each year. In cases of divorce or separation, FCS requires a completed PFS from each parent and or stepparent, if applicable.

The School’s goal is to provide the same level of aid to a student as long as the student is enrolled at Friends' Central School, provided the financial need continues and the student is in good standing.  If a family's ability to contribute to the student's education increases, the level of aid awarded will decrease accordingly. If a family's ability to pay decreases, every effort will be made to raise the level of aid awarded.

The School expects that families who enroll without receiving tuition assistance will continue to support their child’s education at Friends’ Central without assistance. However, when unforeseen circumstances arise to significantly change a currently enrolled family’s financial situation, an application for tuition assistance can be made. Students who initially enroll without receiving tuition assistance must be enrolled for a minimum of two years in order to be eligible to apply for tuition assistance later on.

To begin your Tuition Assistance application for the 2023-2024 school year:

For applying families: application due December 9, 2022

  1. Starting October 3, 2022, complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) on the SSS website- FCS school code 3298
  2. Upload copies of your 2021 1040 Tax Returns, supporting schedules, and W-2’s.
  3. If your child is admitted and you choose to enroll, 2022 tax returns should be submitted by May 1, 2023.

*Families applying for admission after (December 9, 2021) will have their tuition assistance evaluated and determined after all first round admission and tuition assistance applications are complete, and if funds are still available.

For re-enrolling families: 

This coming year, we will again issue contracts for all re-enrolling Friends’ Central families in early January. This change means that the timing for the submission of tuition assistance materials will change as well. 

Step 1: 22-23 Parents Financial Statement by December 9.
Starting October 3, 2022, complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) through the SSS website. Parents and guardians will need to complete this form by December 9, 2022. We ask that if you have had a significant change to your financial situation, you detail it carefully in the narrative section. 

Step 2: 2021 Tax forms, schedules, and recent pay stubs by December 9, 2022. 
Upload your most recent 2022 pay stub and 2021 1040 Tax Returns (prior year), all supporting schedules, and 2021 W-2(s) for all parents/guardians by December 9, 2022. The initial tuition assistance grant in the re-enrollment contract will be based on your 2021 1040, your 2022 earnings, and information supplied in the PFS. Please notify Diana Kearns when you've completed the PFS and tax document uploads. 

Step 3: Re-enrollment contracts will be sent out in January with the tuition assistance grants. All contracts are to be signed and returned by January 23, 2023.

Step 4: 2022 Tax forms, schedules and W2s by April 20.
Upload your 2022 1040 Tax Returns, supporting schedules and W-2(s) by April 20, 2023. Enrollment for the fall of 2023 is contingent upon receipt of this information. At this time, the grant offered in January will be reviewed (This is why the details you include in your PFS are so important - the more you share in that document, the less likely we are to need to make any adjustments).


Tuition Payment Plans

In consideration of the differing financial situations of our families, there are three ways to satisfy the tuition bill:

  • Families who pay tuition in full by July 15 are eligible for a 1% discount.
  • Parents may choose to pay two-thirds of the tuition by July 15 and defer payment of the last third until January 1, through FACTS Management Services.
  • Parents may choose to pay the tuition in 10 monthly installments through FACTS beginning in June preceding the school year.

All payment plans will be billed and administered by the FACTS Management Company. If you have questions regarding tuition billing or payments, please contact Ellen Goldblatt in the Business Office or call 610-645-5050.

Tuition 2023-2024

Nursery: $25,000
Pre-K: $26,000
Kindergarten: $28,200
Grade 1: $30,100
Grade 2: $32,300
Grade 3: $33,000
Grade 4: $34,000
Grade 5: $35,500
Grade 6: $36,500
Grades 7: $38,700
Grade 8: $39,800
Grade 9: $41,500
Grades 10: $42,500
Grade 11-12: $43,900

Parents' Financial Statement


If you have any questions about tuition assistance, please contact Diana Kearns '01 at or 610.645.5085.

Grants for Quaker Children
If you are receiving tuition assistance and are a member of the Religious Society of Friends, you are eligible to receive grants from the Friends Council on Education for Friends’ Central tuition. Information for applying is available on the Friends Council on Education website. Materials are due to FCS by June 15 for the following year’s enrollment.

Affording FCS