We are delighted you're considering Friends' Central School for your child. Following a robust admission season this past fall, Friends' Central is now accepting applications for only those grades in which seats are available. If you are interested in applying for your child, please contact the Admission Office to inquire about openings. Please note that a limited amount of financial aid remains for new applicants.

Once an application is received, the Admission Office will work closely with each family during the application process in order to provide a decision in a timely manner.

Lower School

Nursery-Grade 5

Where joy-filled learning is embedded in play, exploration, and discovery


Middle School

Grades 6-8

Transforming eager, enthusiastic, and motivated elementary school students into self-aware, analytical, and empathetic eighth graders

Upper School

Grades 9-12

Challenging and innovative program with lively and rigorous classes, athletic, artistic, and performance opportunities.

2019-2020 Admission Update
Applications are still being accepted for select grades.

The Admission Office will work with each family to arrive at an admission decision for 2019-2020 in a timely manner and will provide a decision soon after the application is complete.  Please note that, should you require financial assistance, some funds do remain but are limited.

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