Friends' Central Connect

There are many ways to stay connected to the Friends' Central community - by volunteering, attending events, giving back philanthropically, networking, sharing news, or staying in touch on social media. Thanks to the generous support of our active alums, the Alumni/ae Association is able to host regional events across the country and leave a legacy for today's students and teachers!

Many passionate alumni/ae volunteers give their time in support of the FCS community and student experience. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Organizing/promoting Reunion activities or regional alumni/ae events
  • Galvanizing philanthropic support as a Friends’ Central Fund Class Agent
  • Sharing experiences with students on Career Day
  • Leading alumni/ae initiatives as an Alumni/ae Board Member.

To learn more about volunteering and ways to get involved, contact Jody Mayer, Director of Alumni/ae Relations at or 610-645-4485.


Network and Social Media
Join the Friends’ Central Alumni/ae Network on LinkedIn to connect with alumni/ae and faculty, discuss professional interests, share job opportunities, and learn about notable work others are doing. Also, be sure to follow Friends' Central and Friends' Central Alumni/ae on social media to stay up-to-date with classmates and Friends' Central news and events!

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