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On September 2, 1845, Friends' Central School opened its doors for the first time, welcoming both Quakers and non-Quakers, as was its top priority from its inception, to its first location at 4th and Cherry Streets in Philadelphia. Since then, the School has moved twice - first to 15th and Race Streets and then to its current 23-acre campus at 1101 City Avenue in Wynnewood. The City Avenue campus, also an arboretum, has morphed into a haven for 21st Century learning, while maintaining the history and heart of the institution. In 1990, the Lower School moved from City Avenue to the 18-acre campus at 228 Old Gulph Road in Wynnewood, providing ample green space for our youngest learners in Nursery through Grade 5 to run, play, learn, and discover.

Throughout that time and continuing today, the Archives have been lovingly maintained, preserving the treasured relics and documents from all four campuses of Friends' Central School's history. Today, the Archives are led by Jim Davis, Archivist and Development Associate, who served as a member and chair of the Arts Department at Friends' Central for 40 years. To learn more about the Archives and the 174-year history of Friends' Central School, we welcome you to contact Jim at

FCS Discovered - Treasures of the Archives

Check out the following features from past issues of Quaker Works: The Magazine of Friends' Central School that contain some compelling stories from the Archives, written by Archivist Jim Davis.

Meeting For Worship
Meeting For Worship
Meeting For Worship
Meeting For Worship
FCS Changing Fashions
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FCS Archives

Want to learn more about the Friends' Central Archives? Are you looking for something from one of Friends' Central's yearbooks, newspapers, or magazines? Want to take a look at the extensive archives from the 174-year history of Friends' Central School?

Feel free to contact Friends' Central Archivist Jim Davis at if you have any questions about the FCS Archives.