Learning with Friends - Friday, May 11, 7 pm, Shallcross Hall

Go back to class during Reunion Weekend! Six of our outstanding FCS teachers have teamed up with Reunion alumni/ae to present brief but dynamic classroom programs as a Pre-Reunion event. 


Reunion 2018 - Saturday, May 12, 2018All alumni/ae are invited to return to campus for our annual Reunion Weekend in May. Every five years, individual Classes celebrate their milestone Reunions. This year, Classes with graduation years ending in “3” and “8” will celebrate their milestone Reunions on Saturday, May 12, 2018! 



Look Who's Coming to Reunion 2018

Class of 1943

  • Dorothy Coleman Dangerfield
  • James Dannenberg
  • Herb Spatola
  • William Thomas

Class of 1948

  • Virginia Keim Cole

Class of 1953

  • Peggy Brumfield Bruton
  • Frank James
  • Karen Klein Mannes
  • Martha Green Mead
  • Pincus Sall
  • Warren von Uffel

Class of 1958

  • Marjorie Schwartz Dilsheimer
  • Robert Freedman
  • Carolyn McNeil Manwaring
  • Jack Parsons

Class of 1963

  • Vivian Appel

Class of 1968

  • David Arnold
  • William Brown
  • Adah Lindquist Coultas
  • Cyril Draffin
  • Don Fair
  • Hugo Hsu
  • Jenny Ornsteen James
  • Juan Jewell
  • Connie Burgess Lanzl
  • Doug Linton
  • Peter Luborsky
  • Jane Cubberley Luce
  • Deborah Massey
  • John Newman
  • David Sears
  • Stephen Seidel
  • Karen Van Brocklin Vanderyt
  • Neil Yoskin

Class of 1973

  • Bruce Baird
  • Ross Donolow
  • Edward Kohl
  • Anne Mitchell
  • Jonathan Orwitz
  • Evan Wessel

Class of 1978

  • Mike Andrews
  • Renwick Beverly
  • Craig Boyer
  • Sylvia Hamerman-Brown
  • Bernard Harris
  • Lauer Heuer
  • Anna Marina Iossifides
  • Hani Khella
  • Lexy Lovell
  • Curtis Miller
  • Karen Palcho
  • Beth Topiol
  • Nina Weisbord

Class of 1983

  • Peter Gross
  • Jamie Hunter
  • Alexander Klein
  • James Larson
  • Bill Miller

Class of 1988

  • Andrew Baer
  • Elizabeth Rubel Corrin
  • Simon Glaser
  • Elizabeth Gerst Ivanov
  • Maria Farnon Marino
  • Eric Miller
  • Jessica Zeldin

Class of 1993

  • Rebecca Carr Calvani
  • Jocelyn Patterson Mosley
  • Lauren Albert Ravitz
  • Thais Stiklorius

Class of 1998

  • Lauren Tanzio Blanchard
  • Jeffrey Brody
  • Patrick Dostal
  • Molly Mullahy
  • Alexa Dunnington Quinn
  • Daniel Silver
  • Brendan Tozer

Class of 2003

  • Trish Baker
  • Mary Crauderueff
  • Ben Eisenberg
  • David Field
  • Max Frankel
  • Alejandro Franqui
  • Sarah Glickman Freedman
  • Sylvan Hemingway
  • Halimah Marcus
  • Caitlin Rooney Merto
  • Lena Muenke
  • Suzanne Straus Rannazzisi

Class of 2008

  • Matthew Bernstein
  • Logan Brenner
  • Adara Cohen
  • Michael Dohrmann
  • Brittany McLellan Fitzgerald
  • Taylor Lee
  • Jimmy Shelton
  • Jeremy Slovak
  • Mary Stroman
  • Alec Unkovic
  • Ariela Weinberger

Class of 2013

  • Iyana Admasu
  • Daniel Banko-Ferran
  • Adam Bolotsky
  • Blake Bortnick
  • Jevette Brown
  • Grace Heard
  • Ben Lichtman
  • Andrew Nadkarni
  • Selena Nguyen
  • Gabrielle Owens
  • Allison Weiss
  • Phyllis Williamson
  • Nathan Willis
  • Holly Woodbury

Reunion 2018 Challenge

This year, we are offering a special opportunity for Reunion alumni/ae to be a part of our newly renovated Shallcross Hall.

Archival and current photos have been chosen for an exciting display in the new Dining Hall, adding historical perspective to vibrant new murals that will cover three walls evoking Friends' Central student life, past and present.

When your Class reaches its Reunion Gift Goal, your Class will be listed on the Reunion Gift plaque located near the photo installation. 

Make your Reunion gift here!

Career Day
On the Friday of Reunion Weekend, a group of alumni/ae spend the day on campus with students and teachers as they visit classes to speak about their lives and careers. Although the focus of the day centers around their professional work, alums often speak more broadly about their life experiences, philosophies, lessons, and interests. This opportunity to connect with students while reflecting on their journey has been a moving experience, for both the participating alumni/ae and current students. We’ve even heard alums say, “I got so much more out of that experience than those students ever could have.”

Interested in sharing your career knowledge or life experiences with current students? Contact Linda Waxman Wasserman '75, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs, at

Reunion 2018

Distinguished Alumni/ae

Each year, two Friends' Central alumni/ae are selected to receive the designation of Distinguished Alumnus/a. With pride and appreciation, the recipients of this honor are listed below, along with a brief statement noting the highlights of their accomplishments.

Tonya Evans '87
For her achievements in law and her commitment to social justice, diversity and inclusivity.

James R. Rutenberg '87
For his commitment to truth and transparency through his work in journalism.

Dan Biddle '71
For his outstanding contributions in the field of journalism and his lifetime commitment to social justice.

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin '61
For her artistic vision and accomplishments in the field of photography.

Sarah Mendelson '80
For her outstanding accomplishments in promoting human rights throughout the world.

Jonathan Rieder '65
For his outstanding scholarship in the field of education and his lifetime commitment to social justice.

Betsy Markland Schwartz '59
For her lifetime commitment to social justice.

Mark Silberberg '84
For his outstanding accomplishments in the field of innovative education.