Reunion 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020All alumni/ae are invited to return to campus for our annual Reunion Weekend in May. Every five years, individual Classes celebrate their milestone Reunions. This year, Classes with graduation years ending in “5” and “10” will celebrate their milestone Reunions on Saturday, May 9, 2020! 

Online registration opens on March 15.

Career Day
On the Friday of Reunion Weekend, a group of alumni/ae spend the day on campus with students and teachers as they visit classes to speak about their lives and careers. Interested in sharing your career knowledge or life experiences with current students? Contact Linda Waxman Wasserman '75, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs, at

Reunion 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Distinguished Alumni/ae

Each year, two Friends' Central alumni/ae are selected to receive the designation of Distinguished Alumnus/a. With pride and appreciation, the recipients of this honor are listed below, along with a brief statement noting the highlights of their accomplishments.

Deborah Peltz Fedder '79
For her many years of service to Friends’ Central School and her commitment to the community.

Ray Lohier '84
In recognition of his years of achievement and dedication to the law.

Ty Stiklorius '93
For her accomplishments in the field of music and her commitment to culturally transformative artists and initiatives.

Benj Pasek '03
For his achievements as an award-winning songwriter and composer for musical theater, films, and television.

Tonya Evans '87
For her achievements in law and her commitment to social justice, diversity, and inclusivity.

James R. Rutenberg '87
For his commitment to truth and transparency through his work in journalism.

Dan Biddle '71
For his outstanding contributions in the field of journalism and his lifetime commitment to social justice.

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin '61
For her artistic vision and accomplishments in the field of photography.

Sarah Mendelson '80
For her outstanding accomplishments in promoting human rights throughout the world.

Jonathan Rieder '65
For his outstanding scholarship in the field of education and his lifetime commitment to social justice.

Betsy Markland Schwartz '59
For her lifetime commitment to social justice.

Mark Silberberg '84
For his outstanding accomplishments in the field of innovative education.