Student-Athlete Resources

Friends' Central Athletic Program Philosophy
In keeping with the mission and values of the School, the Friends' Central School athletic program shall be governed by National High School Federation rules specific to the individual sport and the Friends Schools League Mission Statement, Constitution, and Sportsmanship Guidelines.

In addition the athletic program will:

  • be recognized as an integral part of the School's total educational curriculum;
  • be characterized by the highest levels of professional instruction and supervision;
    aspire to achieve and maintain high levels of athletic performance within a moral and ethical framework;
  • have as one of its primary goals the safety and welfare of the students;
  • provide the opportunity for individual growth and development;
  • provide equal opportunity for all members of the School community;
  • have all coaches and student-athletes work cooperatively toward a common goal with all coaches and student-athletes from all sports, supporting the efforts of their peers and colleagues;
  • strive to make each student's athletic experience a positive, healthy, active and enjoyable part of his or her FCS years.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S-AAC)
The FCS Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S-AAC) is an student-led organization founded to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity and fostering a positive student-athlete image. The mission of  S-AAC at Friends' Central is to promote communication between school administration and student-athletes and to represent the student-athlete voice within the community and will:

  • provide feedback and insight into athletics issues;
  • generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletic department and the formulation of policies set forth in the student-athlete handbook;
  • build a sense of community involving all teams within the athletic program;
  • organize community service efforts;
  • create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on other campus committees;
  • promote a positive student-athlete that is in keeping with the School mission.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is composed of student-athlete leaders who set the agenda, govern meetings, and keep meeting minutes. All student-athletes are encouraged to join, and team captains and leaders are expected to participate while their sport is in season.

Student-Athlete Handbook

NCAA Eligibility Center Updates

NCAA Resources

Compliance and Eligibility


  • Medical Forms: A School Physical Examination Form through the Magnus portal is required for every student every year in order to participate in athletic activities (grade 6-12). It is due on the month of your child's birthday or on the anniversary of your child's last physical examination.
  • A Medication Request Form through the Magnus portal and a Physician Order for prescription medication is required for any student who needs to have prescription medication kept at school. The original pharmacy-labeled container is acceptable in lieu of written prescriptions.
  • Concussion Protocol
    • Friends’ Central's Athletic Training staff will comply with the Safety in Youth Sports Act and NATA recommendations pertaining to concussions in athletics.