Friends Central Wellness Class

On the Forefront of Wellness Education at Friends' Central
Students should be active in mind, body, and spirit in all phases of their life. At Friends’ Central School, student wellness is promoted and maintained through an Athletics & Wellness program that is holistic in its approach and that enriches a positive sense of well-being over a lifespan. Because every aspect of health is tangibly connected to life and experience, we teach the whole child, while honoring individuality, to help empower students to make healthy decisions and to lead active, productive lives. Friends’ Central offers a robust athletic program and wellness education curriculum that provides abundant opportunities for engaging students in purposeful learning so that all students are active in mind, body, and spirit in all phases of their lives.

All children, regardless of skill level, have an equal opportunity to participate in a fun and safe environment in order to develop an enjoyment of physical activity, movement exploration, and cooperative play, with the following goals in mind:

  • Development of gross and fine motor skills, balance, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, sense of personal space, spacial awareness, body awareness and positive conflict resolution are of primary importance.
  • Inclusion, creativity, listening and social skills, self-esteem, and taking on new challenges are stressed as important to develop positive health attitudes and behaviors.
  • As students get older (or in grades 3-5), individual and team sport skills and strategies are introduced, and students are encouraged to develop good sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork.

Athletics begin in grade 6 and are part of the school day. Friends’ Central offers both interscholastic and intramural options in our Middle School athletic program. Student-athletes can hone their sport while learning sportsmanship, team-building, and commitment.

In grade 7, the health course focuses on topics of mindful engagement and allows students to build strong relationships with their peers, families, and communities, while strengthening their resilience and their personal decision-making skills.

Students are required to participate on an athletic team or in the dramatic arts (plays, musicals, and stage design) during six (out of a total of twelve possible) seasons while in the Upper School. During the seasons when students are not participating in athletics or the dramatic arts, they will be required to take a Wellness credit or apply for athletic exemption through an Independent Athletic Credit (IAC). The Wellness credit will require a student to complete a minimum of two hours of activity Monday through Friday (or on the weekend), with Wellness options offered at set times during the school day or after school. The IAC is offered for students who play sports that are not offered at Friends’ Central; participation should be commensurate with a Varsity schedule.



Wellness Education in Action at Friends' Central

Lower School
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 are benefitting from an updated health program, with the goal of developing positive feelings around the changes they are experiencing.
  • Additional Physical Education options like yoga and meditation are introduced as early as Kindergarten.

Middle School

  • Screenagers
  • Newly renovated programming relating to the dangers of chemical dependency, featuring highly respected clinical psychologist A. Michael Blanche.

Upper School
  • Students can choose from team sports and performing arts to complete their athletic requirements.
  • Greater, more flexible fitness options for students - yoga, ultimate frisbee, farming, strength & conditioning, and more.
  • SpeakUp!