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Cafeteria: Leak Munir
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Lower School Dining
Cafeteria: Bethann DiGiovanni
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Extended Day & After-School Clubs
Sabrina Johnson

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After-School Clubs (LS)

The Lower School offers a vibrant After-School Clubs program for students in Kindergarten through grade 5 in the fall, winter, and spring. Featuring exciting activities such as basketball, dance, painting, and farming, After-School Clubs provide many opportunities to learn a new skill or nurture a budding passion.

Fall 2023 clubs take place once a week from 3:05-4:05 pm and will run from Monday, September 25 through Friday, November 17 (unless otherwise noted). If students are not enrolled in Extended Day on the day of their club, they should be picked up promptly at 4:05 pm. To register for a club, please click here.

In order to secure enrollment in a club, you must pay when you register otherwise your registrations will be null and void. Spaces fill up quickly, so please pay at the time of registration in  order to ensure confirmation for your child(ren). Registration will open on Friday, September 8, at 9:00 a.m. and close on Friday September 15 at 11:30 p.m. There will be no extensions for club registration and no refunds on club fees. Each club will cost $150.

If you have any questions, please email Sabrina Johnson at

Registration for Fall Clubs will reopen HERE on Friday, September 8 at 9:00 am and close on Friday, September 15 at 11:30 pm. 


Please note there will be make up days for the Monday club due to the school being closed on Yom Kippur on 9/25 and Indigenous People's Day on 10/9. The make up days will be on Tuesday, 9/26 and Tuesday, 10/10.

Game Club with Teacher Seraiah Yelverton -Robinson: Do you enjoy playing indoor and outdoor games? If so, this club is for you. Game Club will teach students how to play a variety of playground games with Friends. Students will also spend some time learning and playing a number of board games and card games. 
Grades K & 1 • Min. 8/Max. 10 students  


Chess Club with Teacher Steve Rolfe: In Chess Club, students will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills and knowledge of this great game while engaging in some friendly chess matches with each other. We will review basic rules and objectives, names and positions of chess pieces, as well as some tips and tricks to improve their game over time. All levels are welcome to join the club. 
Grades 2 & 3 • Min. 8/Max. 12 students 

Storytelling Club with Teacher Vic Brown: Lights, Camera, Write! In this club, students will explore the art of storytelling and begin telling their own stories through writing, theater, and art. Students will be reading about their favorite superheroes and cartoons. They will learn how those characters are created and, in turn, how to create their own characters. To wrap up the club, students will co-create a story that they can cast and perform for their peers and family. Our theme weeks may include Disney, comic books, Marvel/DC/Superheroes, and funny comics.
Grades 3-5 • Min. 10/Max. 12 students  

Animal-Loving Club with Teacher Jasmine Kinsey: Animal-Loving Club will offer a variety of fun and interactive activities, such as creating toys for dogs and cats in local animal shelters, utilizing a plethora of vibrant paint colors and “Paint A Pet,” animal training – which will cover how to care for animals – and so much more. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about animals from around the world.
Grades K & 1st • Min. 8/Max. 12 students


K’nex  Club with Teacher Parker Lawrence: K’nex Club encourages students to learn while having fun! Using K’nex will help strengthen student creativity, problem solving, self-confidence, critical thinking, and cooperation/collaboration. Students will have a chance to work with friends on a project or work individually. We will encourage and enhance this natural inventiveness by providing students with opportunities to use their innovative thinking to find and build solutions. There are so many things to build with K'nex! Come and let your imagination run wild!
Grades 1 & 2 • Min. 8/Max. 12 students


Jewelry Making Club with Teacher Jasmine Kinsey: Watch your style evolve in the Jewelry Making Club. Students will create personalized statement pieces, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, keychains, and so much more using string, colorful beads, and vibrant charms in a safe, fun, yet relaxing atmosphere among classmates and friends.   
Grades K-2 • Min. 10/Max. 12 students 

Hip Hop Club with Teacher Alvaro Aguilar and Teacher Isabel Russak: Do you think you can dance? Hip Hop is all about personal style and expression. This class teaches students rhythm, movement, and the fundamentals of hip-hop. We’ll learn warm- ups, play dance games, and even perform a combination for the families! Let’s dance!
Grades 2-5 • Min. 15/Max. 20 students

Sabrina Johnson

Lower School Extended Day Program Director
Sabrina began her career at Friends’ Central in 2020 as our Social Justice Coordinator before becoming a first-grade assistant teacher in 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Pennsylvania State University and has worked as a former Before and After Care School Program Manager in the Radnor Township School District. Sabrina is a shining light in the FCS community and we are fortunate to have her at the helm of our Extended Day program and After-School Clubs.