Lower School Meal Plans

Lower School Full Meal Plan – $1,200 (full year); $725 (half year)
We have redesigned our menus and offerings to meet today’s students' tastes and nutritional needs (see below for more information about our Lower School food initiative, Lettuce Feed You). While we have familiar foods to choose from, we also offer a wider variety of nutritious foods that can be enjoyable to eat. Most, if not all, foods are baked or steamed to provide the most nutritious choices. Drink selections consist of 100% juices, 10% juices, and a variety of milk options to include.

Lower School Daily Beverage Plan – $210 (full year); $125 (half year)
This meal plan allows students to choose a drink to accompany their bagged lunches.

Lower School Pizza Day Plan – $265 (full year only)
Pizza day is very popular with the students. This plan is offered on Friday and includes pizza, a vegetable, beverage, and ice cream or fruit.

Flex Plans:
You can now purchase lunch one or two days a week!
One Day a Week: $265
Two Days a Week: $500

When you sign up you don't have to specify which day(s) your child will eat, just that your child will eat once or twice each week. You may pick your days based on the weekly menu.

Lower School Flex Plan – $7.75 per day*
This flex plan is available to students as needed. See below for details on enrolling in the debit system.

Half-Year Prices effective upon registration.

Lower School Hours of Operation
  • Lower School Campus Lunches: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

*Debit System
Every Lower School student is assigned a debit account. The debit system is a cashless system where funds can be added online at www.MyPaymentsPlus.com.

MyPaymentsPlus – Online Debit Account Replenishment System
MyPaymentsPlus is a prepayment system that allows parents to make deposits into their children's debit accounts via the web at www.MyPaymentsPlus.com. Payments are made via credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), bank check cards with VISA or MC logo, or savings/checking accounts (e-check via ACH). There is a fee of 4.75% for this service. In addition, the system will allow parents to view a child’s balance, payment and purchase history, and select low balance email alerts (as reminders that the account is low on funds). Parents will need to complete a short registration and then will be able to add each child before making online payments to their debit account. The profile will require the child's student ID, which parents will receive by email in the summer. Parents can also access the ID by mousing over their child's picture on the Veracross portal or by contacting parenthelp@friendscentral.org.

If assistance is needed or parents have processing questions, they can contact MyPaymentsPlus directly by dialing 877.237.0946 or by visiting their website.

Lower School Full Meal Plan, Beverage Plan, Pizza Day Plan:

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Debit Account (Per Day/Meal Payment Debit Account) - MyPaymentsPlus:

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View pricing, register online, and view more info for Lower School Meal Plans here.

Inspiring children to work toward a healthier and more sustainable world by teaching them to source, produce, and prefer delicious, planet-friendly foods

Since September 2016, we have been implementing Lettuce Feed You – an innovative food program at the Lower School. Here’s what's on offer:

  • Delicious, fresh-from-scratch, sustainable, and whenever possible, local and organic foods prepared in-house by expert chef Wadiya Gooden. Click here to see some sample menus! Chef Wadiya has years of experience preparing healthy food for children. Picky eaters? Allergies? Gluten sensitivity? Not a problem! Your child’s dietary needs will be addressed.
  • Purchasing flexibility. It’s up to you – sign your child up for the yearlong Full Meal Plan and receive a 10% discount; or use our easy pre-pay debit system and decide week-by-week or day-by-day whether your child joins the fun at FCS or brings a packed lunch from home.
  • A link between farm, garden, and table. The Friends’ Central lunch table is supplied overwhelmingly by local farms – including the expansive organic garden at FCS. Chef Wadiya introduces the meals to students and has time-tested methods for encouraging children to try new foods.
  • Food that connects to curriculum. Is your child studying India in first grade? How about a lunch that brings Indian food to FCS
  • Opportunities to participate. Children have a chance to take part in food preparation in safe, age-appropriate ways. These include serving as table captains, helping create pizza flavors for Pizza Friday, and chopping toppings.

We believe in the link between healthy minds and healthy bodies. This change to our food service is an exciting step toward linking our curriculum and garden together with the food we eat. If you think you might like to sign your child up for our new food program but want to learn more, please email us now at lettucefeedyou@friendscentral.org, and we’ll schedule an opportunity for you to meet Chef Wadiya and taste a sample of the delicious food we have planned for our students.

Director of Culinary Services

Lower School's Director of Culinary Services, Wadiya Gooden brings a wealth of experience. She has served as a lead Program Coordinator for the Vetri Foundation where she implemented "from scratch" cooking in seven different schools. She has also prepared meals for children at Penn Wynne Elementary School. In addition to her excellent cooking skills, she is an organic gardener and a true believer in the relationship between food and well being. When asked about joining the FCS community, Wadiya said, "For quite some time, I have been on a mission to feed children healthier meals. Now, I have been afforded the opportunity to do so in this amazing setting. It doesn't get any better than this!