Extended Day (LS)

The Friends' Central Lower School Extended Day Program (EDP) seeks to create a settled, supervised environment for Lower School students who need to arrive early or stay on campus beyond the end of the school day. Each day, there are planned activities, as well as time for free play and time for homework.

Early Start
Children may be dropped off at the Lower School beginning at 7:30 am. Children are supervised in the Lower School Gym. There is no cost for the Early Start program.

Extended Day Options
Parents can choose the full session (2:50 - 6:00 pm), 10-visit voucher, or drop-in as needed.

Attendance is taken daily in the Lower School Meeting Room at 2:50 pm. Hourly attendance will be computed on a monthly basis. For safety reasons, children must be signed out by the adult picking them up. If there are changes in pick-up or attendance, parents must notify the Lower School Office (610.642.7575).

Drop-In Service
Daily drop-in service is limited. Each visit must be pre-arranged by email or phone call.

Parents who expect to make limited use of the EDP may purchase EDP vouchers good for 10 visits. Voucher users must notify the School each time they plan to use the program via email or a phone call to the Lower School Office.

Late Pick-up
The Extended Day Program ends promptly at 6:00 pm. After 6:00 pm, late fees apply and should be paid to the attending teacher at the time of pick-up. The charge is $10 per 15-minute interval.

Hours of Operation

  • Regular School Days: 2:50 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Days: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Register online here; read more about pricing here.