COVID-19 Updates & Resources

We have been working hard to plan for a safe fall in light of the current situation. Families are asked to read our Path to Reopening carefully; it reflects the first step of our planning and our progress so far. Additional planning with respect to student schedules, transportation, extracurricular activities, and meals is still underway and will be informed by parent/guardian survey responses. Read our preliminary Path to Reopening here

2020-2021 Reopening Schedule

August 31 - First Day of School for Pre-K
September 9 - First Day of School for K-8
September 11 - First Day of School for Grades 9-12


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We understand you may have questions regarding RUVNA, COVID testing and mitigation efforts, virtual and in-person learning, etc. Please ask your question here, and we will get an answer for you as soon as possible.  Before you ask your question, take a look at these FAQs to see if your question has been asked at one of our info sessions.

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Message from the Head of School

Message from Craig N. Sellers - 8.19.20: Community Behavior, Safety, and COVID-19 Testing Schedule

Important Messages from the Health Services Office

RUVNA and COVID-19 Testing

Friends’ Central has contracted with RUVNA to provide a daily health screening and assessment for each student and employee. Each morning before coming to school, parents and employees will receive a text with a link to an online form asking them to identify any of the 10 symptoms commonly found in COVID-19 infections and to answer three questions. Students and employees may not come to campus without a complete daily online assessment. Questions about RUVNA? Email:

COVID-19 testing will take place approximately every two weeks for students in Pre-K through grade 8 who will be learning on campus and FCS employees who will be teaching/working on campus. Once Upper School on-campus learning begins, a testing date for Upper School students will be announced. COVID-19 testing results will be sent as soon as they are available. If families have questions about COVID-19 testing, they can email Negative test results will also come from that email address. 

Should anyone test positive, that person (or the parent/guardian, in the event of a student who tests positive) will be contacted directly by the lab and by a member of the FCS Health Services Office. A positive test result will be reported to Montgomery County, and contact tracing will proceed. It is our hope that testing ahead of our return will give us a safer start. Should anyone test positive, we will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of that person, AND we will notify the community of a positive test result and any actions necessary to mitigate infection.

Testing Schedule:

  • Tuesday, August 25: Pre-K and all Employees
  • Tuesday, September 1: Students in Kindergarten-grade 8
  • Friday & Saturday, September 11 & 12: Repeat testing for all employees and students in Pre-K-grade 8
  • Friday, September 25: Testing for Upper School students (grades 9-12)
  • Friday & Saturday, September 24 & 25: Repeat testing for all employees and students in Pre-K - grade 8

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