Please Note: The information below applied to the previous school year, 2020-2021. Up-to-date information will be coming soon.

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

At Friends’ Central, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have taken special care to ensure our students still feel like they are a part of a community, even when they’re not in our classrooms. Clubs, team sports, and other extracurricular activities still meet virtually so that students can still benefit from these important relationships. Students also experience a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning to better meet their social and emotional needs, as well as their academic needs. Some parents have chosen to have their children learn 100% remotely, and we support them in that choice. Mitigation and safety protocols and a great deal of planning by our committed administration working tirelessly with medical experts have allowed us to move to a largely in-person learning experience, toggling to virtual when necessary. 

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We understand you may have questions regarding RUVNA, COVID testing and mitigation efforts, virtual and in-person learning, etc. Please ask your question here, and we will get an answer for you as soon as possible.  Before you ask your question, take a look at these FAQs to see if your question has been asked at one of our info sessions.

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Message from the Head of School

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Important Messages from the Health Services Office

RUVNA and COVID-19 Testing

Friends’ Central has contracted with RUVNA to provide a daily health screening and assessment for each student and employee. Each morning before coming to school, parents and employees will receive a text with a link to an online form asking them to identify any of the 10 symptoms commonly found in COVID-19 infections and to answer three questions. Students and employees may not come to campus without a complete daily online assessment. Questions about RUVNA? Email:

Appropriate COVID-19 testing measures will take place for students in Pre-K through grade 12 who will be learning on campus and FCS employees who will be teaching/working on campus. COVID-19 testing results will be sent as soon as they are available. If families have questions about COVID-19 testing, they can email  

Should anyone test positive, that person (or the parent/guardian, in the event of a student who tests positive) will be contacted directly by the lab and by a member of the FCS Health Services Office. A positive test result will be reported to Montgomery County, and contact tracing will proceed. It is our hope that testing ahead of our return will give us a safer start. Should anyone test positive, we will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of that person, AND we will notify the community of a positive test result and any actions necessary to mitigate infection.

Testing Schedule:

  • Tuesday, August 25: Pre-K and all Employees
  • Tuesday, September 1: Students in Kindergarten-grade 8
  • Friday & Saturday, September 11 & 12: Repeat testing for all employees and students in Pre-K-grade 8
  • Friday, September 25: Testing for Upper School students (grades 9-12)
  • Friday & Saturday, September 24 & 25: Repeat testing for all employees and students in Pre-K - grade 8
  • Friday & Saturday, October 9 & 10: Testing for all employees and students
  • Friday & Saturday, October 23 & 24: Testing for all employees and students
  • CANCELLED: Friday & Saturday, November 13 & 14: Testing for all employees and students
  • Wednesday & Thursday, December 2 & 3: Testing for all employees and students
  • Thursday & Friday, January 14 & 15: Testing for all employees and students
  • Thursday, February 4: Testing for all employees
  • Wednesday & Thursday, February 17 & 18: Testing for all students
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, April 6 & 7: Testing for all employees and students

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