Learning Support

Learning Support

At Friends’ Central, we support all students’ learning. We recognize that to cultivate individual students’ academic promise will require support for some and enrichment for others.

Lower School Learning Support

The Lower School is chock full of active eager learners, many of whom can be characterized as “emergent” learners in a variety of areas. As such, young students may need additional support to acquire, hone, and apply new skills across the curriculum. To meet the varying needs of students in Lower School, additional support is offered to individuals and small groups.

A reading specialist works with small groups and whole classes to bolster basic skill development in reading and spelling. Reading and math support are also offered by a reading specialist from the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. In addition, math enrichment is provided by teaching staff.

Middle School Learning Support

Opportunities for academic support are built into the Middle School schedule. Students meet with their advisors both during homeroom and during daily advisory periods, when teachers are available to meet with students for extra help. Regularly scheduled teacher team meetings provide opportunities for teachers to discuss student concerns and make plans for support.

The Learning Support Specialist in Middle School provides support for students in a variety of ways. Individual and group support meetings are scheduled during advisory, before and after school. The Learning Specialist maintains contact with parents and teachers, observes students in classes, attends team meetings, and recommends overall support structures.

Additionally, math support is available to small groups of students. Professionals from the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit also provide speech and language therapy.

“The beginning of sixth grade can be an exciting time when children are transitioning out of a known environment to a mysterious place called middle school. One year later, our son is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm and can hardly wait for seventh grade to start, due in no small part to the Learning Specialist's unfailing guidance and support.” - Middle School Parent

Upper School Learning Support

Upper School students are supported by a cohort of teachers, advisors, and deans. Students are encouraged to reach out to these mentors, advocating to have their needs met. Teams of teachers meet regularly to report on student progress and to make recommendations for additional support as needed.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of weekly labs and clinics which are designed to support students in content areas, including history, physics, writing, and math.

The Upper School Learning Specialist is available to meet both with individuals and with small groups of students who demonstrate similar needs. The content of support sessions may include focus on time management, study skills, writing, and reading skills.

International students are additionally supported by Katy Oh, a specialist in ELL who is available as a writing coach.

“Two of my children have used the labs extensively. My daughter was unsure as a 9th grader and appreciated some extra math and Foundations (of Science) practice. My son’s writing was disorganized, and the peer editing provided has been incredibly helpful, instructive, and even inspirational.”- Upper School Parent

Learning Support

Deb Will
Reading Specialist, Lower School
610-642-7575 X7479

Jacqueline Merchant
Learning Specialist, Lower School
610-642-7575 ext. 7525

Jill MacDougall
Learning Specialist, Middle & Upper School

Rachel Slaughter
Learning Specialist, Upper School

Katy Oh
Coordinator of International Student Education & Programs