Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dear Lower School Families,

Happy New Year! It has been terrific to see your children looking refreshed, relaxed, and ready to plunge into more learning, making, and creating. As we head into 2018, I want to remind you about the guidelines we have in place for drop-off and pick-up to help ensure that we all stay safe. I am including one new guideline that will take effect today.

  • Adults dropping off and picking up students by car should only enter through the school's  entrance where the car loop line begins and where we have clear pathways and supervision. Thank you in advance for following this additional safety precaution.

Early Morning Supervision:

  • From 7:30-8:00 am, families can drop off their child(ren) in the gym. There is no adult supervision at the car loop during this half hour.

Early Drop-Off:

  • Nursery students go directly to their classrooms starting at 8:00 am.
  • Pre-K through grade 1 students go to the lower playground starting at 8:00 am (or the Meeting Room during inclement weather).
  • Grades 2-5 students go to the upper playground starting at 8:00 am (or the gym during inclement weather).

Morning Car Loop:

  • Between 8:00-8:30 am, families can drive through the car loop and drop off their child(ren) in front of the gym. There are two adults on duty during this half hour.

From 8:30-8:45 am:

One of our security officers, will be at the school's entrance door to make sure children get inside the building. They will not be available to aid children getting out of the car.

  • Between 8:30 and 8:45 am, if your child(ren) can get out of the car independently, you can drop off your child(ren) at the curb.

After 8:45 am:

  • All families must park, bring child(ren) in through the front door (main entrance near playground) and check in with Pat DeSabato.

Car Loop Guidelines:

  • The following procedures have been designed to keep our students and families safe and to keep the car loop line moving as efficiently as possible. As a reminder, there are no dogs allowed on the FCS campus.
  • Adults driving the car should not get out of their vehicles.
  • Children must be ready to exit when an FCS adult opens the door.
  • Children should not be eating, their jackets should be on, and their bags should be close by.
  • All children exiting should be in the curbside seat or be ready to exit curbside and should only exit when an FCS adult opens the door.
  • Students should not be let out on the opposite side from the curb.
  • Adults should wait until the car in front of them has pulled away before moving.
  • All FCS adults will leave the car loop at 8:30 am so they can begin their daily responsibilities.
  • There should be no drop-offs on the bus loop.

Afternoon Car Loop:

Between 2:50 and 3:20 pm, you can pick up your child(ren) on afternoon car loop.

  • Please do not exit the car.
  • Please ensure that whoever is picking up your child(ren) has the FCS pick-up sign clearly displayed in the car.
  • Adults should wait until the car in front of them has pulled away before moving.
  • You may pick up your child on foot in the gym beginning at 2:50 pm.

Once you arrive at pick-up, you are responsible for your child. If you decide you need your child(ren) to stay at school longer, please bring them to Extended Day, where you can pay by the day, and let an FCS adult know plans for your child(ren) have changed.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures. They will help ensure the safety of all of us and keep things moving as quickly as possible.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


Thank you,


Kelly Bird Pierre

Lower School Principal



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