Friends' Central Announces New Upper School Principal Beth Davis Johnson '77
Friends' Central Announces New Upper School Principal Beth Davis Johnson '77

Friends' Central is thrilled to announce that Beth Davis Johnson '77 will be returning to FCS to serve as Upper School Principal, effective July 2018. Head of School Craig N. Sellers says, "I could not be happier about Beth's enthusiastic return to her alma mater, and I look forward to creating opportunities for parents, faculty, and students to greet her in the new year."

Beth is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Master of Science in Education in School Leadership. She is a University-assigned mentor for masters candidates, which involves supporting candidates in understanding best practices in curriculum development and wider leadership. She is also a summa cum laude graduate of St. Joseph's University and a proud Friends' Central "lifer." Beth is frequently called upon to present by organizations such as the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to share her expertise in areas that range from support services to issues of diversity to educating for the future.

After serving Friends' Central in a number of leadership positions - most recently as Upper School Co-Principal, Dean of Students for eight years - Beth moved to The William Penn Charter School where she is currently the Director of Upper and Middle School Admission.

As Friends' Central's Co-Principal, Beth oversaw the Grade Deans and all aspects of student affairs for grades 9-12, and she worked closely with the Co-Principal, Dean of Faculty to interview and hire new faculty, in addition to teaching math and serving on the Curriculum Committee. Beth was also an important voice in a number of school-wide initiatives, such as long-range planning, diversity education and outreach, and the School Life Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Beth is universally lauded for her deep connection to students, families, and faculty, as well as her effective communication skills and her vision for gracefully pursuing the best ideas at the forefront of Quaker education. A natural leader and community builder, Beth created Friends' Central systems that cultivated authentic relationships between students and faculty. She also collaborated around programming and took an active role in supporting and encouraging student leadership in activities and clubs, energizing and celebrating student life in the Upper School. During the last six years at Penn Charter, Beth has further honed her leadership skills. Her ability to articulate their curriculum and goals, shape programs, and connect with families and students has been outstanding.

Beth shares, "I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to leading an Upper School that embraces new possibilities while valuing Friends' Central's essential strengths. There is so much to be excited about - from collaborating with the School's outstanding faculty around curriculum and program to connecting with students around their academic goals and life aspirations to partnering with parents to create each child's best path. As I considered coming home to Friends' Central, it was the way each of these elements come together that made this marvelous opportunity irresistible."

"Beth's devotion to FCS, when combined with her eagerness to serve our mission, created an extraordinary opportunity for Friends' Central School," says Craig. "To spend time with Beth is to understand the transformational power of a Friends' Central education. Quaker values have defined her approach to leadership and shaped her commitment to issues of equity and justice."