Grade 3 Writers Celebrate Their Literary Creations with Publishing Party

This fall, students in Taylor Salvitti's third grade class have been working hard on writing narrative stories on a specific moment in their lives. In October, the fruits of their labor were put on display as they held a virtual publishing party to celebrate their outstanding finished pieces by reading them aloud for their families and friends and proudly displaying their self-illustrated works of art over zoom. 

Salvitti shares, "The 3B students have been working hard since the beginning of the school year to publish their first narrative writing piece on one small moment in their life. This project immersed students in the writing process, beginning with drafting a notebook full of story ideas and choosing one 'seed' idea to publish. Then, they drafted their seed idea again, revised the content, edited for clarity, and finally published a final copy. Their small moment stories are full of details, descriptions, and dialogue that bring their story to life. They should be so proud of their hard work!"

Students' narrative pieces included topics like Izzie's crab pinch, Maciej's soccer injury, Mina's family hike, Isla's rotten clementine, Lucas's ice cube fun, Haysley's sadness about her grandparents moving to Texas, Theo's "meetings in the dark" with his little brother, Cassidy's dog splashing in the pool and getting everything around them wet after shaking out her fur, Alex's story "The Apocalypse" that described the girls chasing the boys in the playground, Annabel's tale of canoeing with her family and dog, and Meara's detailed, and hilarious, tale about her family's hike on the Wissahickon, highlighted by her family's favorite foods.

Congratulations, 3B! 

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