Message from the Head of School about Recent Events
Message from the Head of School about Recent Events

At this moment filled with sadness, all FCS employees stand with all of our colleagues, students, and parents of color, and especially our Black community members. Let me be explicit - at Friends' Central School, Black Lives Matter. George Floyd's life mattered. Ahmaud Arbery's life mattered. Breonna Taylor's life mattered. 

Communities across our nation are questioning the impact of systemic racism on our society. As a school rooted in Quaker practice, when we witness injustice, we, too, are called to ask fundamental questions of ourselves.

I've never assigned homework to the FCS community, but the state of our nation calls me to now. I hope the assignment will serve to bring our community together even further amidst our need for social distancing. This homework is intended, in particular, for those who do not identify as people of color, because I believe we have an urgent and essential role to play at this time. The homework is to watch this 18-minute video from Trevor Noah, to listen deeply to Trevor Noah's statements, and to reflect on his questions. From there, I would ask that you reach out to another member of our community - perhaps someone you do not know well - and discuss the video, the questions he poses, and your sense of how Friends' Central can live our values while bringing healing to this moment.

The life-altering power of the right questions at the right time remains the soul of good teaching and can bring hope by connecting us in powerful ways. In this singular moment for our area and for our nation, I hope you stay safe and find ways to deepen your understanding of what Trevor Noah calls "the way dominoes connect."

My prayer this evening is that the process of continuing revelation that starts with powerful questions brings us together on a shared path to a stronger community and deeper understanding.