New Exciting, Delicious, and Sustainable Highlights to Middle & Upper School Dining!
New Exciting, Delicious, and Sustainable Highlights to Middle & Upper School Dining!

Our newly opened City Avenue Dining Hall has been up and running for over a month now, and students and faculty have been enjoying some fantastic, fresh offerings! This stunning, newly renovated dining space is highlighted by attractive, flexible seating arrangement options, five distinctive food stations, a fully functional teaching kitchen, and the after-school Phoenix Café, with sustainability efforts permeating the entire space.

There is truly something for everyone’s taste buds at our five food stations:

  1. “Hometown” station – traditional entrees for both breakfast and lunch
  2. “Deli” station features made-to-order sandwiches on freshly baked bread
  3. Vegan, plant-based station offers healthy meat-free entrees
  4. “Simple Servings” station offers to students and staff entrees that are free of the “top 8” allergens: gluten, nuts, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat
  5. “Market Place” salad bar features fresh greens and vegetables with a delicious array of added toppings with fresh, housemade dressings


In addition to the new food options, the City Ave. Dining Hall is also highlighted by an array of sustainability efforts that include:

  • 100% reusable china (including take-out) and flatware
  • Elimination of plastic beverage bottles and straws
  • On-campus composting
  • The "Dirty Dozen" items - popular fruits and veggies ranked by pesticide contamination - are 100% organic at FCS.
  • Locally sourced items include milk (Lehigh Valley), which is also 100% antibiotic and hormone-free, eggs and yogurt (Common Market), produce (Ambrogi and Common Market), and grass-fed beef (Common Market).

Friends’ Central has also applied for Green Restaurant Association Certification, and a weekly course in our new teaching kitchen has already begun, with Jacob Fogel’s 8th graders learning about safe, sustainable cooking from Chef Bob and Chef Michael.

On Monday, October 1, the new Phoenix Café officially opened! The café, featuring after-school snacks and early dinner options like Naan bread pizza, sweet and savory crepes, beverages, and dessert, will open from 4-7 pm a few days a week based on school events. Click here for some highlights of the Phoenix Cafe!

Also, if you’re a Middle/Upper School parent and you haven’t already downloaded the “Bite” app for your phone, you’re missing out! The app not only shows what the options are for the day and the week, at all five food stations, it also shows the nutrition facts for each item offered at both breakfast and lunch. Also, on screens throughout the dining hall, students and faculty are able to see both nutrition facts and where the food is coming from, with bios for the local farmers providing our food. 

With these new offerings, Friends’ Central is enjoying a truly innovative approach to learning about, and enjoying, healthy and delicious food.