Statement from the Board of Trustees

The Friends' Central Board of Trustees shared the following statement with the FCS community. 

The Board of Trustees is deeply troubled by the incidents of racism described as occurring within our community. The pain expressed is felt by many of us personally. We know we must move forward with a commitment to live up to our policies, values, and community behavior expectations. As a governing body, we remain resolute in ensuring there is action and accountability.

The recent and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests have shined another light on the need for urgent action. Last year, the Board of Trustees adopted a strategic plan, an aspirational path forward, that seemed true to our mission and vision to expand the excellence of FCS into the next 175 years. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion is a key pillar of that plan, and implementation is underway. Yet now, the Board grasps the necessity of a more thorough integration throughout the plan of specific action steps to achieve those goals. Thus, the Board elevates its commitment to further the growth, inclusion, and retention of Black students, alumni/ae/x, staff, faculty, and Board members at FCS.

The Board unanimously endorses the action plan expressed in the Head of School's letter of July 2 and the communications from the three division Principals. Some elements of these plans require Board action, such as the commitment to Board training, greater diversity of Board membership, and Board monitoring of implementation and results of the action plans. Some of this work has already begun, for example, with intentional efforts to diversify our Board over the last year. Nonetheless, we hereby affirm these actions and commit to their greater fulfillment.

The Board also expresses its confidence in the Head of School and the entire leadership team to implement the changes that are needed to realize our commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, fairness, respect, and dignity. For example, we believe the recent hire of Erica Snowden as Director of Equity and Multicultural Education best positions that team to produce immediate, effective, and lasting change at FCS.

We became Trustees because we believe that FCS achieves exceptional, unparalleled heights in its mission to cultivate the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical promise of its students in pursuit of our vision to awaken courage and intellect — so that they may peacefully transform the world. Above all, we are fully committed to ensuring that all of our core and enduring values are realized for all within our beloved community.

James C. Wright, Clerk
Fariha Khan, Vice-Clerk
Paul Halpern, Treasurer
Merlin Muhrer, Recording Clerk
LiRon Anderson-Bell
Betty Bard
Quinn Bauriedel
Tami Benton-Condiff
Elizabeth Cohen '83
Jon Harris
Laura Jackson
Juan Jewell '68
Kimya Johnson
Kristin Kimmell
John McKinstry
Chinwe Onyekere '94
Alex Rolfe '01

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