Welcome to the Middle School Summer Learning site where you will find optional resources to help your child engage with summer learning as well as resources for parents compiled by Learning Specialist Jill MacDougall and Director of Support Services and Counselor Frederick Pratt. There are three sections to this site. Ideas for Summer Enrichment and Practice, below, includes resources for math, reading, writing, world languages, history, science, Quaker values, typing, mindfulness, coding, art, music, physical wellness, and life skills. Resources for Parents includes an invitation to you to join our book club for reading and discussing Phyllis Fagell’s superb book Middle School Matters. Phyllis Fagell is also offering a “Parenting in Place” masterclass online series of workshops with a number of other renowned speakers; the link is provided on the Resources for Parents page. Resources for Families on Identity, Diversity, and Culture shares articles, TED talks, books, and podcasts that we recommend for families who are looking to explore identity, diversity, and culture. 

Ideas for Summer Enrichment and Practice


  • IXL: Subscription/accounts provided by FCS! Account information and parent guide coming soon.
  • Khan Academy: This free platform provides tutorials and math practice exercises in all areas of math from early elementary skills to linear algebra.
  • Jo Boaler’s YouCubed: Research shows that students who take this free course report more positive beliefs about math, engage more deeply in math during class, and perform significantly better on standardized tests.
  • Wide Open School: Curated resources for at-home math learning.
  • U.S. Census Bureau’s “Statistics in Schools”: Activities that help kids understand the purpose and process of census-taking and apply data analysis skills to better understand demographics, survey-taking, linguistic diversity, and economic opportunity.


  • Wide Open School’s activities on literature, grammar, journaling, film, and more!
  • Create a free account to enhance writing skills by practicing grammar, punctuation, sentence writing, and advanced verb tenses.
  • PowerPoetry: A web community for youth that blends poetry and social activism.
  • NaNoWriMo Young Writers’ Program: Although November is the official National Novel Writing Month, the resources are available year-round; students can download an age-specific guide to writing their own novel and read encouraging advice from well-known authors. Camp NaNoWriMo happens online in July for ages 13+, and “counselors” are young adult authors!
  • Write the World: An online writing community for ages 13+. Use provided writing prompts to enter contests, share your work, receive feedback on your writing from other young authors around the world, and give feedback on others’ work.
  • This I Believe: Read essays written by people from all walks of life that discuss personal guiding values. Discuss with friends or family, and even write your own essay.

ContentFriends School Life/Quaker Values/Community Service

QuakerSpeak is a Quaker YouTube channel. Friends of all different backgrounds are interviewed and reflect on core questions of Quaker identity. The interviews are personal and seek to give viewers an experience that is entertaining, informative, inspiring, challenging, inviting, unifying and collaborative. New videos come out every Thursday.

Youth Service America
YSA has an impressive clearinghouse of service options around how young people can lead and contribute to their communities during COVID-10


  • Hour of Code: Coding activities with hour-long tutorials available for all types of devices.
  • TechGirlz: Virtual workshops designed especially for girls in grades 6-8; coding, programming languages, web graphics, and more!

Art & Music

ContentAdditional Fee-Based Offerings for Middle School Students


World Languages

  • Duolingo: This free platform is used in FCS middle school Spanish and French courses, and students can also learn over 10 additional languages in a gamified format.
  • Mango: As people throughout the world are following stay-at-home directives, Mango is offering free access to language-learning program for everyone until June 30, 2020.
  • BBC Languages: Learn essential phrases in over 30 languages!
  • Yucatec Maya: Learn words and phrases in the language of the Mayan people of Mexico and Belize, along with mythology, culture, and history!
  • Sign Language 101: Learn American Sign Language for free.

History & Science



  • Mindfulness Meditations for Kids: This is an application that can be downloaded through the Android app store, iTunes, Google Music, or the Apple app store. Multiple versions are available. This app is centered around guided meditation. It is designed to help children relax before bed. Nature sounds and instructions start the sessions. Reviews for this app have been positive and the developers report that parents have seen a reduction in ADHD symptoms by using this app. 

  • Smiling Minds App: Another application that is popular for children as young as seven is the Smiling Mind app. This app is available through the Apple app store as well as the Google Play store. It is free to download and use. This app offers similar features to the Mindfulness for Children app, including a body scan activity.

  • GoZen: If you’d like to use a video to help your kids learn how to practice mindfulness, the “Mindfulness Exercises for Kids: Still Quiet Place Video” is a great resource. Animated videos can help students learn how to go to a “still quiet place.” Visit for more resources.

Physical Wellness

Life Skills

  • Wide Open School: Learn to tie a tie, compost, sew a button on, cook eggs, wash a car, and lots more.

Contact Info

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Jill MacDougall, M.S.Ed.
Middle & Upper School Learning Specialist

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