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Friends' Central Summer Reading

Friends' Central encourages students to read as much as possible over the summer. In Lower School, our summer reading list contains recommended titles and authors that our teachers and librarians feel the children would enjoy and that help build a solid foundation of literacy. In the Middle and Upper Schools, the reading lists contain required as well as recommended titles. Please read the lists for your child's grade carefully. Any questions should be directed to either the divisional principal, your child's teacher, or the faculty member whose name is listed.
Upper School Reading Lists:
Entering Grade 12: Grade 12 Reading List
Entering Grade 11: Grade 11 Reading List
Entering Grade 10: Grade 10 Reading List
Entering Grade 9: Grade 9 Reading List
All Upper School: Teacher-Student Summer Reading: Choose 1
Middle School Reading and Supply Lists:
Entering Grade 8: Grade 8 Reading List    Supply List
Entering Grade 7: Grade 7 Reading List    Supply List
Entering Grade 6: Grade 6 Reading List    Supply List

Lower School Reading Lists:
Entering Nursery, Pre-K, K, and Grade 1: Nursery-Grade 1 Reading List
Entering Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5: Grade 2-5 Reading List