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2018-2019 Green Club

Thank you to the members of the “Green Club” who gave early in the fall, online or in person, ensuring that they would receive no paper solicitations. Giving early also allowed the School to put the funds immediately to work for programs and activities in the current school year.  The list of Green Club Donors is below. 
If you are interested in “giving green” in the future, please contact Kim Emmons-Benjet at
This year, Green Week runs through October 8, 2019.

Melody Acinapura
Meeran Ahn ’04
Joshua Aichenbaum ’07
Rebecca and Iain Anderson
Jane Davis Atkinson ’61
Clémence Attard
Betty Bard and Jay Adelsberg
Victoria Bastian and Damon Bendesky
Kathryn and Eric Behling
Rebecca Benjamin
Carolyn Blacker
Susan Bodley and Brad Morris
Courtenay and Jeffrey Bond
Susan Borrero
Tiffany and Michael Borsch
Anne Bower
Susan and John Bowie
Janet and Jeffrey Bowker
Kerrianne and Kevin Brady
John Braun
Betty Brizill
Sabrina and Eric Brooks
Ingrid and Robert Burd
Laurel Burkbauer
Grant Calder
Maria Carrillo and Jason Bologna
Richard Case
Jeffrey Childs
Sonia Chin
Eui Kyung and Yongwon Choi
Debbie and Young Rak Choi
Katherine Clayton
Lawrason Anne Clement ’66
Matthew Cohen
Bess Collier ’96
Lauren Collier ’99
Lauren and Thomas Conlon
Dana Cook and Victor Abreu
Jessica and Matthew Cooper
Catherine Corson and Charles McCammon
Alisa and Bob Cotter
Michelle and Daniel Crowley
Alice and Josh Dailey
Jeanine and Joel Dankoff
Michael Darfler
Cheryl Davis and Adam Hotek
Lauren Davis and Keino Terrell
Lisa and Robert Davis
Catherine and Ronald Dawson
Sara Kankowski DeSabato ’02 and Read DeSabato '02
Kathleen Dickerson
Liliana and Timothy Dillingham
Michael Dohrmann '08
Andrea Dominic Lubrano
Mary and Thomas Donovan
Lisa D'Orazio and James Lowther
Sarah Duda
Annie and Bob Duggan
Dwight Dunston ’06
Phyllis Barsky Elick '01 and Brendan Elick
Erin Elman and Stephen Gibson
Mika and Allen Epps
Rachel Esformes Bloom
Jessica Feng
Ginger and Mark Fifer
Edward Flanagan
Jacob Fogel ’07
Wendy Frame and Chris Blackman
Jean and Carl Fridy
Narumi and Keiji Furuuchi

Daniel Gale
Glenn Gale
Danielle Gallagher
Rahel Gebrekidan and Samuel Tseghaye
Ellen Gemme and Christopher Simpkins
Danielle Gershkoff ’06
Annie and Jason Giaccone
Patricia and Sidney Gilford
Kim Glassman and Thomas Soper
Tracy Miller Glick '02
Jeffrey Goldader
Ellen Goldblatt
Reanie and Earle Greer
Margaret Guerra and Frank Fisher
Rachel and Christopher Guides
Saroj Gupta
Catalina Gutierrez and Andres Barrera
Mabel and Ryan Haggerty
Yuchi Han and Chris Fang-Yen
Phyllis Hanson
David Hardin '55
Emily Harnett ’09
Kathryn Hayward and Tom MacFarlane
Mary Hegeler and Robert Kelly
Susannah Henderson and Ryan Dunne
Amy Hicks and Jacopo De Nicola
Cinda Buswell Hill ’59
Anja and Brendan Hilliard
Daniel Horowitz ’08
Priscilla Hunter
Grant Jacks '75
Beth Davis Johnson ’77 and Martin Johnson
Sheryl and Karl Johnson
Kelli Jones
Daniel Kallen
Michelle and Jonathan Kalman
Christie Kapothanasis
Rina and C.J. Keller
Sohee and Brian Kempf
Young and Doo Kim
Blandina and Jonathan Klein
Heather and Benjamin Kohl
Sharon and Richard Kollender
Madeline Church Lai '64
Connie Burgess Lanzl ’68
Kevin and Caitlin Ryan Lawrence
Benjamin Lichtman ’13
Sonja Lindgren and John Gruber
Nuria Lopez-Pajares and Alvaro Pereira-Rico
Laurie Lubking
Clare and Diego Luzuriaga
Julie Biron Maletz ’05
Clio Mallin ’96
Lisa Mansure
Joni Marcus and Edward Greves
Lydia Martin and William Kennedy
Caroline and Ishaq Maw-Deis
Mary and Matthew McCabe
Holly and David McCloskey
Mary and Thomas McDaniel
Dawn and Alexander McDonnell '87
Cynthia and Christopher McDonnell
Cynthia and Brian McGoff
C. Jerome Mopsik ’02
Sharon and Louis Morsa
Molly Mullahy ’98
Jennifer and Samuel Nemroff
Alison Neuhaus and Jason Rash

Andrea Nuneviller and Jess Lord
Kirsten O'Beirne
Timothy O'Connell
Chris Ozbun and William Darling
Kim Parris and Peter Seidel
Alex Pearson
Cristina Pérez
Carol Perloff
Monica Peterson
Marian Petrarca
Katie and Seth Pidot
Julie and Steven Plunkett
Richard Pompetti '04
Curtis Pontz '57
Loraine Potts
Frederick Pratt
Charles Price '66
Linda and Gerard Quinlan
Alexa Dunnington Quinn '98 and Graham Quinn
Kenneth Reynolds
Kate and Michael Riccardi
Mariama Richards
Emma Richman ’10
Robyn Richmond and Lloyd Guindon
Thomas Robinson
John Rogers
Laura Rolfe ’04
Laura and Leonard Rossio
Molly and Kevin Ryan
Denise Sabatino and Padraig Barry
Wakila Saleem
Taylor Salvitti
Susan Scanlon and Bruce Terry
Miriam Schaefer
Anna Schall
John Schalow ’69
Julia and Nick Schmidt
Victoria Schwoebel
Jennifer Selber and Joshua DeSipio
Cary and Craig N. Sellers
Elena Gonzalez Shaffer '76
Corbett Shinn and Michael Lohse
Deborah and Mark Skapik
Gary Smith
Maria Socorro
Margaret Somerville ’83
Shelby and Frank Sparrow
Harry Stead
Mary Worley Stone ’45
Stephanie Storm
Hongyan Suo and Shi Ya
Hilary Takiff Weiss ’96 and Stuart Weiss
Yvette and Darrell Thomas
Leanne Thompson
Mary Fran Torpey and Adam Dole
Ryan Tozer '01
Laura Tseng and George Katzenbach
Courtlandt van Rooten
Tuesday Vanstory
Beth Varcoe and Roderick Wolfson
Emily Vener-Giszter and Simon Giszter
Al Vernacchio and Michael Sheadel
Yvette and Stephan Walters
Jason Warley
Linda Waxman Wasserman ’75 and Dennis Wasserman
Richard Wertime
Debra Will and David Thomas
Linda and Armen Yepoyan
Cheryl Nelson Young ’79
Frankie Zelnick
Michele and David Zuckman