Capital Campaigns & Endowment

Campaigns & Endowment

Capital Campaigns
Capital gifts represent an investment in Friends' Central's future by providing funds to build and maintain facilities, support faculty development, enhance the student financial aid budget, and build endowment. These gifts are given over and above Annual Giving contributions and are often satisfied over a number of years.

The willingness of parents, alumni/ae, and friends to support capital projects has made much of what Friends' Central offers possible. The Fannie Cox Center, the Shimada Athletic complex, Joey's playground, our faculty professional development and sabbatical programs, and much of our financial aid program have all been provided through the generosity of capital donors.

The current focus of fundraising at Friends’ Central is on endowment for faculty professional development, endowment for financial aid, the Friends’ Central Fund, and building projects (Reimagining Shallcross and the Ulmer Family Light Lab).

For more information about Capital Giving, contact the FCS Development Office at 610-645-5039.

The Ulmer Family Light Lab
This project resulted in the refurbishing of the old Carriage House on the Lower School campus into four new teaching and learning spaces featuring natural sciences, fabrication, media and computing, and design. Each of the rooms was designed to facilitate the hands-on, experiential learning FCS has pioneered since our founding. The Ulmer Family Light Lab embodies a timeless approach to great teaching, provides the next level of excellence for students, and keeps the Lower School at the forefront of Maker Education. Thanks to Bev and Rich Ulmer ’60 and their family for providing the lead gift for this project.

Reimagining Shallcross Hall
Construction has begun on the project that will transform Shallcross Hall into a true hub of student life, with a state-of-the-art dining area creating more useable space and bringing forward the latest and best thinking on nutrition and health. The new teaching kitchen will enhance opportunities to learn about food access and preparation. In addition to the dining hall, the entrance at the front of Shallcross Hall will be warmer and more inviting, and once entering the building, an enhanced art gallery space will offer an improved area for displaying the stunning visual arts at FCS.


Endowed gifts are made to Friends' Central School and invested to produce ongoing income. Often, these gifts are made to create funds that will support a School priority, like financial aid or faculty support, in perpetuity. The School’s endowment is carefully overseen by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. Each year, about 5% of a rolling three-year average is used by the School to support faculty, students, and programs. Many generous and loyal friends of the School have established endowed funds at Friends' Central School.

Depending on the wishes of the donors, endowed gifts are earmarked as unrestricted or restricted. Restricted gifts may be used to support financial aid, faculty salaries, professional development, or another area of the donor's interest. They may be named after the donor or in memory or honor of someone of the donor's choosing.

If you are interested in creating an endowment, or supporting an existing fund at Friends’ Central School, please contact the Development Office at 610-645-5039.

Reimagining Shallcross Challenge Complete!

In support of Reimagining Shallcross, Friends’ Central met a challenge from The Edward E. Ford Foundation, resulting in a $50,000 grant from the foundation, a national organization that supports independent schools.  Thanks to all of the donors who made this possible!

The funding will support the Shallcross Hall project, specifically the inclusion of a Teaching Kitchen as part of the renovation of the Dining Hall. Construction began in August 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in April 2018.

Friends’ Central raised $100,000 in new donations to get the $50,000 grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation.   

The most visible part of the Shallcross Hall renovation will revolve around the new state-of-the-art dining area. In addition to improving the everyday life of students, the redesign, with its emphasis on fresh and healthy food choices, offers a unique opportunity to increase Upper School curricular options while potentially transforming lives by expanding how the community thinks about food. The Edward E. Ford Foundation was particularly interested in the concept of a teaching kitchen, which offers many new options for curriculum and service. 

Established in 1957 and now based in New York City, the E.E. Ford Foundation seeks to “strengthen and support independent secondary schools and to challenge and inspire them to leverage their unique talents, expertise and resources to advance teaching and learning throughout this country.” 

If you are interested in supporting Reimagining Shallcross, contact Colette Kleitz ( or 610-645-5076) for more information.